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How to get rid of Aphthous Ulcers Mouth


The ulcers of Aphthous are known commonly like pains canker. They are small painful craters of the ulcer in the trimming of the mouth and can cause the bad breathing. Near fifth of people it obtains pains canker. They are generally underneath the tongue-piece or of the inner trimming of the lips and the cheeks. They are yellow or the target in color with a red cover, takes two weeks to rarely cure and to leave scars of the permanent one.

Types of Aphthous Ulcers

There are three principal categories: minor wounds, of commander and herpetiform. The minor wounds are normally found with the floor of the mouth and the soft palate. They are small and not very deep. The principal wounds are larger, deeper and to leave scars. The ulcers of herpetiform are more numerous and intense. HIV can cause the principal ulcers and people who obtain good number of them should consider to determine HIV.

People prone to Aphthous Ulcers

The people who have familiar antecedents of the pains canker are more probable to obtain them on a regular base. The women are more probable that men to have these pains canker. A as young boy as two years can obtain it, only he happens mainly of the age of ten years forwards. It happens once or twice a year but there are those more often obtain it.

What are the causes of Aphthous Ulcers?

Lack of food of vitamin B, of iron and of Fol acid. Inability, determined digest grain. Injuries of the rubbers. Autoimmune disturbances such as syndrome Bechets and illness Chrohins. Badly fit dentures. Hormonale changes during the Menstruation. An allergy for certain kinds of the food. Allergi reaction to certain kinds of the bacterium. Incorrect immune system, which starts the body to take the normal cells in the opening in attack.

Symptoms of Aphthous Ulcers

They appear red and inflations. The fine weave underneath is extremely red and sensible. It leaves to a sensation burning itself or humming. It appears suddenly and it disappears after two weeks. The fever and the swollen nodes of lymph can happen in severe cases.

What are treatment options of Aphthous Ulcers?

To change the toothpaste into one which prevents the bacterial growth and not to irritate gums can help to treat the wounds reproduisantes of ulcer. There are a certain number of ointments and rinsings of mouth to relieve the pain related to these wounds. Avoid abrasive foods such as the pieces which stick to gums. Remain far from spiced food.

Herbal remedies to Aphthous Ulcers

  • Echinacea: contains antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Chamomile: can used as an herbal tea to help smooth the mouth lining.
  • Tea tree oil: helps to fight infections and candida. Apply it directly with a piece of cotton to the infected area once or twice a day.
  • Licorice: contains glycyrrhizin, glycyrrhetinic and tannin that all help to cure canker sores.
  • Sage: can be used in herbal tea together with licorice to shorten the time it takes to heal. Very little sage should be consumed as it can cause convulsions.
  • Aloe Vera: can be used as part of a mouth rinse twice a day.
  • Golden Seal: contains astringent and antiseptic chemicals that help to treat canker sores. It can be used as mouth rinse twice a day.
  • Tea: is rich in tannin and a few cups a day will help to speed up the healing process.
  • Myrrh: is also rich in tannin and helps with mild infections of the gum and floor of the mouth. It can be used in its powdered form or as part of a tincture.

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