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Athlete's Foot Picture & Problem


Athlete's Foot also known as the pedis of Tinea is generally a fungic infection of occurrence which affects the skin. The skin of the foot is red or white with balances, ignitions, cracks, blisters and cracks. They live in the hot and wet places. The symptoms include the burn, itching and to prick. It is ahead between the toes. The secondary bacterial infection can occur in serious cases. It is transmitted by a cut or a contusion of the foot. It can occur as well as other fungic infections such as the tinea tonsurante and is strongly contagious.

Symptoms of Athlete's Foot

Some of the symptoms of Athlete's Foot includes itching, burning and stinging, red or white scales, blisters on the sole, cracks and cuts and oozing.

What are the causes of Athlete's Foot?

Overuse of antibiotics gives rise to the destruction of the beneficial bacteria that fight that the fungicidas infections of the fight. The fungi are prominent in humid areas andI warm up such as skillful, quarters of the closet, and around swimming pools.

Treatment of Athlete's Foot

Follow the tips given below:

  • Maintain the feet dry. You ensure that the sector between the toes is dry. Employ each towel only one time. Wash the socks which contact sectors infected with hot water and a little chlorine bleaching agent.
  • You wash the feet in salt and water once per day until the condition clears up. Bath your feet in a vinegar solution and water once per day during ten days. Moisture feet with the olive oil.
  • Carry the shoes in the communal rooms of raising to prevent to draw aside or attract the mycètes. Do not divide the towels or the socks with the people who can have the foot of the athlete. Do not carry the tight shoes if your feet sweat easily.
  • Do not carry the same shoes each day. The best results are obtained with the treatment early.
  • The infections in the sector of groin can deviate with the foot. Prevent the fungic diffusion while carrying the clean socks and underclothing and wash them separately.
  • Flip-flop to the house maintain your feet dry and aired well. Employ the antifongic powders of drying. Carry the as far as possible opened shoes.

Herbal Remedy for Athlete's Foot

The extract of the seed of pomelo also has characteristics antifungi. It can even be used to add to wash itself. Apply a mixture of the oil of the tree of the tea, turmeric and Aloe Vera on the feet and cover with the old socks. Do this by two weeks. It comes up to sweat excessive. The oil of Neem is mortal to more than 14 types of fungi because it inhibits the growth of fungi combining with the skin. The oil of mirra and lavanda was applied to the feet, reduces itching, rojez and the cracks. Mirra also produces a fragrance that helps with bad garlic of the feet odor.Cut in small pieces and the lance in its shoes by some days. Garlic kills to bacteria and almost any type of infection. You can also make use the dust of garlic.

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