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How to get rid of Atopic Dermatitis


The Atopic Dermatitis is a chronic disease of skin. One knows it like Eczéma and also refers oneself to a group of allergies such as the fever of hay, asthma, and the Atopic Dermatitis which can be caused by a tendency inherited towards the development the allergies.

In the Atopic Dermatitis, the skin becomes irritable, dry and irritating. The scratch of the skin carries out to swelling, redness, and the ignition. The cracks, crusts, and the balances can appear above the long term. Dermatis refers to the state skin. One sees it more under children of the stage of early childhood and is less common in the adults, though some children can not develop out of the disease, whereas others obtain it only in the adulthood early.

Causes of Atopic Dermatitis

The exact cause of the condition of the skin is not known. It can be the result of deficiencies in the immune system. The investigation has demonstrated that people with a level under a protein called cytokine, that is essential for the appropriate operation of the increasing risk demonstration of the immune system of the suffering of the condition. The deficiency in this protein can make the immune system arrive to be mistaken. Then it will create the inflammation in the skin in absence of a true infection. One in each ten adults suffers of atopic dermatitis. Most of people it develops it during childhood. Esteem that 65-70% obtains in the first year of the life whereas almost 90% develop it before age that goes of the school. Populate who alive one in dry places is affected more by this condition. A baby, who parents suffered of her, has a higher risk also to suffer of him who one who does not have familiar antecedents of this disorder of the skin.

Symptoms of Atopic Dermatitis

The symptoms of Atopic Dermatitis differ in different people and is not limited to following:

Skin excursions on the knees, within the elbows, on the hands and the feet as well as on the face and the wrists. Dry and itching skin. Red flaky skin because of the Rubbing. Papules, which are small impacts, which can open and receive, stuck on, as if scratches. Kind of leader of the skin, which develops because of constant scratching. Bienenstoecke, which can appear after load by hot waters. Extra fold of the skin, which develops under the eyes. Inflammation of the ranges around the lips. Extra skin breaks on the palms. Eyes become darker because of the hay fever. Small impacts on the thighs, which upper arms and the faces skin loses humidity and easily inflamed.

What are the treatment for Atopic Dermatitis?

The routine prevention help to reduce the symptoms such as to dampen the skin after a bath, being avoided the types of the food that cause allergic reactions, they reduce the dust, and to create an atmosphere of the smoke freely. Drawee of the clothes, the detergents and the plants obtains that lead to itching. Maintain the nails short and you use only the lukewarm baths.

Dry the skin to the air instead of the dryness of the towel. There is a number of products available in the market to help to reduce the inflammations of the skin. This is due to use under medical supervision to prevent other buds and the permanent damage due to the incorrect medication.

People with atopic dermatitis must avoid the direct bonding with the people who have been vaccinated recently against pox small whereas this one can cause an unusual eruption.

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