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Barnacles of aging are the different points, which scores there harmless skin growth and appears, which arise in the arising phase of the life. The medical terminology designates this as Seborrheic keratoses. It is so-called because of its connection with aging. Most women hate the appearance of this skin growth and can be concerned. Different degrees of Pigmentation have Barnacles of Aging. Epidermiale growth factors play a role in the development of this skin growth, which develop from the strong spreading of the epidermialen cells. They begin as light brown points, which become darker with a wart appearance. Some nearly black, if sun acid number lotions is used, but will have no relation, to the cancer to enthaeuten. They appear frequent on the box and have a kind of wax feeling and to look. They are not sticking on and will not spread. Some can have the little black or white circles in the center and in the surface to look irregular.

Causes of Barnacles of Aging

Barnacles of Aging are caused by abnormal increase of melanin in the epidermal layers of the skin. Research indicates that it can be inherited. The excessive exposure to the purple ultra rays of the sun has like consequence the pigmentation. Ageing plays an important part. The beginnings of skin break up because of several factors. The obligatory mortar in the roadbases of the skin becomes thinner. Deeper layers of collagen and elastin which make the flexible device of skin become less. The skin obtains then ruffled and the spots appear. It can appear on covered and discovered sectors body.

Treatment of Barnacles of Aging

The liquid nitrogen is a cold liquid gas which is pulverized on the skin with a gun of pulverization. The treatment is repeated three times. It freezes the barnacles of ageing, pre-cancers and the warts.

Diagnosis of Barnacles of Aging

The growth is diagnosed examining each one with a magnifying glass and a shining light. A biopsy becomes when it is difficult to distinguish between keratoses and the cancer seborrheic of the skin due to the color. Although barnacles of the aging is little attractive, do not raise no true threat to their health.

There is no reason of being alarmed unless they itch or they make very great. You can consider clearing of them when they grow in the face area. The procedure is simple and the anesthetic premises can be used to reduce pain. The curativo process taking awhile and you will have some scars to the left.

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