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How to get rid of Bowens Disease a Cencer


Information on Bowens Disease?

The disease of Bowens is a type of cancer of the skin. It is known extensively like carcinoma in situ - SCC of the cell of Squamous in situ. The addition of the words in situ in the end refers the facts that this one is a form of cancer of the skin that is only in the surface. Another type of SCC, invading carcinoma squamous of the cell grows internal and has the potential to separate.

The disease of Bowens of the name is after the doctor who has discovered carcinoma squamous of the cell in situ. For the patients who have had SCC in situ, there is more discharge of the normal tariff for other types of caner of the skin to form. Due to this increasing risk, it is important to have regular examinaciones of the skin of dermatologist. If the SCC in situ does not treat, will get to be greater with time, sometimes separating outside several inches. In addition, 5% of SCC untreated in situ will grow in invading carcinoma squamous of the cell. The SCC in situ, I mend red escamoso, that tends to be seen in areas exposed to the sun, sometimes itches, it forms a scab, or exudes frequently; They do not associate most of them time, nevertheless, to no particular class of sensation.

Due to the red remiendos, escamosos, this type of cancer of the skin is confused sometimes from an eruption, eczema, a fungus, or a psoriasis. Because they are sometimes brown and they can appear to seem keratosis or melanoma, he is important that a biopsy is made to confirm the diagnosis, remembering that the previous treatment is begun, better are the occasions for the complete recovery.

Causes of Bowens Disease

The disease of Bowens is caused by persistent exposure and ageing of the sun just as the other shapes of cancer of skin. However, two other causes, single with the in situ SCC, were identified. HPV-16, the virus of responsible wart to cause cervical cancer, often prove to also infect the in situ SCC. For this reason it it is believed that two people can have an equal quantity of damage of the sun, however only one repeated incidences of cancers of skin.

Arsenic, the poison the Russian gangster, Rasputin, returned celebrates, is the other factor which causes the in situ SCC. Many years ago, it was employed in elixirs medical and soiled some old water well.

Although people who suffered soft arsenical poisoning did not die, they had a tendency to develop the internal skin and cancers. At the same time it was believed that the in situ SCC was a warning which an internal format of cancer was going to develop, but it was discovered later than this false impression was created because of the effects of arsenical poisoning.

Treatment options for Bowens Disease

Patients, whose poor surgical candidates knew repeated places of assembly X-ray or border jet radiotherapy are given are, but this method is very expensive and needs a number from attendance to the hospital.

The use of the Efudex cream for one until three months works frequently, but it bends, an uncomfortable, to leave raw range during the treatment.

Aldara cream is seen, as very promising, and although the healing rate can be a little better, she goes through still studies, in order to determine the entire use of its use. For smaller SCC in situ, surgical extermination is the general treatment, which includes the dismantling of approximately a quarter tariff behind the edge of the cancer also.

Larger cancers can be also excused, but Mohs surgery, which has the highest rate of all well-known working methods, can be necessary. For those patients, who are not up to the surgery, have still some elections, which are present for you. Scc in situ is too to be burned away from using some methods, which characterized as "Curettage and electrodessication", the liquid cryotherapy nitrogen and laser destruction able, which heal with similar kind of the scars. Photo-dynamic therapy is a new treatment, which approved the FDA recently, but she is still missing for general use.

PDT is another method for burning away from SCC in International Telecommunication Union with the use of a drug, which tackles only the cancer cells. A bright light is then used, the release is caused by poison materials and the tumor destroyed.

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