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Cholinergic Urticaria Treatment


Urticaria cholinergic is another type of the Urticaria that is caused by a certain physical stimulus of some or of the other class. It is classified like physical urticaria, meaning that is caused by a physical stimulus of a certain class. The physical stimulus could be indicated as heat although the real cause is defined as sweating.

The study of the activity of the cell of the mast includes Urticaria generally cholinergic because most of the cases of Urticaria cholinergic looks like to critically imply the cells of the mast. The main mediator is the histamina of the serum, that rises in the concentration when an induced test exercise is introduced. This treatment also implies quimiotácticos factors eosinophil and of the neutrophil as well as it tryptase. The levels of the alpha 1-antichymotrypsin diminish, and the use of danazol gives rise to the improvement in the eruption. Due to these results, some have discussed in please proteases like a cause of the histamina that was sent.

The skin tends to produce a sensation of the heat generalized during the exercise of wheel of squirrel, that then are followed by the prurito, eritema, the urticaria, and brief symptoms of the respiratory zone such as shortness of the breathing, of wheezing, or both.

When can Cholinergic Urticaria occur?

Cholinergic urticaria do not distinguish between men and women, although it seems be at people more widespread. The condition usually reaches between the ages of ten up to thirty years expression, but the average age of beginning must become obsolete between ages sixteen twenty-two. It goes a lot of years, with most of the people further preserve the that condition in middleage and longer. In one study of twenty-two people, the average duration the condition seven remained and half years were, but in a continuation study which is carried out on seven patients, the some preserved thirty years of them condition.

Causes of Cholinergic Urticaria

The hot exercise and baths irritate the prurit and cause the formation of the lesions in the sector which were previously unchanged. There are some reports/ratios of urticaria chronic making take part patients of the cholinergic urticaria but of a different morphology. Others urticarias which have the similar lesions such as the urticaria aquagenic, appear when the presence of water (hot or cold), exists.

Symptoms of Cholinergic Urticaria

The injuries can appear anyplace in the body but the palms or suns. The blazes are sometimes the only sample that is visible.

The patients who are affected more seriously can be susceptible to other symptoms such as to desmayar themselves, abdominal, diarrea pain, salivation, and headaches. Itching, the heat, humming, the irritation, or burning itself precedes generally the small beginning of wheals with the great blazes that surround them.

There is a type of urticaria cholinergic, that the investigators create the persistent demonstrations and you spot them individual, and nevertheless appearing by only a short time, others do not appear continuously in other sites.

A distribution located of wheals very small typical can appear after slightly rubbing the skin of patients with urticaria cholinergic. A form limited a small area with an cold-induced urticaria can appear.

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