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How to get rid of Seborrheic Dermatitis


The dermatite of Seborrheic is the term which in the medical terminology means the ignition of the skin. It is not generally to threaten contagious or of the life. Its characteristics includes the graduation, thickening, peeling, to cover themselves, the redness of a crust, itching and sometimes to burn, rise, inflate, and ooze of the skin.

Types of Dermatitis

Eczema is an allergic reaction which produces itching, redness, to cover themselves, inflate of a crust, to rise, ooze and measure skin. It is more common among children and young adults. It can sometimes cover the whole body, although it is usually limited to the folds in the skin, the elbows and the knees, neck and face. With the difference of the dermatite of contact it is probably caused by an allergy to a food, with a pollen or a dust

Dermatitis H erpitiformis i s a chronic inflammatory complaint which produces the small ones and cumbersome blisters which red and are increased. The burn engraves and itching accompanies it. It appears suddenly and can remain for a long period. It is associated a digestive disorder called the coeliaque disease.

Contact Dermatitis is the term employed to describe allergic reactions of the skin resulting from the external contact with the external agents. The condition is sometimes is characterized by an eruption and can be started by sensitivity to the beauty products, the factories, metal, the detergents, and wools. It can also be caused by extreme or cold heat, friction, and sensitivity to various medicines. It is accompanied by itching to the site of the eruption. ** Stasis occurs in the people with various insufficiencies and is characterized by an eruption and a graduation with the feet and the ankles.

Pomphylox is a condition which affects the hands and the ankles. It is characterized by the blisters located in-depth, redness and the graduation.

Id Reaction is an irritating eruption caused by a reaction allergic to the ignition engraves some share in the body for example a fungic infection. The hat of cradle is normally present in the infants and is characterized by the lubricating balances on the scalp, untied, and the neck.

Discoid Eczema can be started by damage to peel, having for result the parts brought back irritating rounds on the skin. The condition can disappear after a few months.

Lichen Simplex Chronicus is an eruption caused by continued to stripe that had like consequence a thick skin and leathery.

Diaper Rash is caused by exposure prolonged to the moisture of the tramps.

Atopic Dermatitis is sometimes caused by the proliferation of toxins in the intestines due to the dysfunction of the digestive system. It is inherited and the children lower parts spread with family antecedents of asthma.

Treatment of Dermatitis

It is diagnosed with the visual inspection of the skin, revision of the familiar antecedents and if it is needed with a biopsy of the skin.

The treatment includes the cortisone beats and the lotions, the inmunosupresores, the supplements, the baths of salt water, antibiotics and the herbarias lotions such as chamomile, grindelia, and clay of the bentonita sprints.

For the natural remedies, it follows a fat product under the diet but of the increase of essential vegetal oil fatty acids found virginales ironings in cold. The bacterium acidophilus of lactobacilo aid to prevent the proliferation with toxins in the internal.

The people who suffer of eczema normally have low levels of acid folic in her systems. One is in leavening of brewer and green leafy vehicles.

The fatty acids Omega-3 reduce itching and climbing of the skin. One is in oils of the linseed, the olive, the maize and the soybean. The prevention is the best treatment for the buds of the dermatitis.

Use the clothes that allow enough ventilation, avoid hot baths, heat or extreme cold, and prevent the dry skin.

Avoid the food and the substances that cause allergic reactions. Replace his diet with the essential vitamins such as complex and vitamin and of B.

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