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Dysplastic Nevi Information: Symptom, Dysplastic Nevi treatment


What are Dysplastic Nevi?

Dysplastische Nevi are general occuring skin breaking false in which apprehension are for in cancer turing prominent person. It has leg known approximately one million people in the world each influence year. Term atypical nevus or the atypical mole has repressed dysplastische nevus. The diagnosis or atypical to wreck are not made histologisch clinically and, and wreck would property be removed only if they become be for melanomas suspicious. Clinically, its these wreck large (5 mm in dia meters), with badly border defined and an irregular and an irregularly divided pigmentation.

Causes of Dysplastic Nevi

There are several reasons for which that could have occurred. Some of them are: The extreme exposure to light UV is most common. With the eruption of the people in this country who employ the beds of bronzing there is an increase on the cancer of skin each year. The nevi dysplastic which are on your body are affected by this light UV because they are the weakest point in the skin. Light UV tackles such sectors and the causing cancer of the cells is created.

If you have a deteriorated immune system then you be to have the nevi dysplastic on your body become cancer of skin as well. The immune system in your body can fight in addition to causing cancer of the cells to a certain degree but not always and when your immune system is then faded the increase in chances to obtain with cancer several times. The contact with certain chemicals is also known to turn the nevi dysplastic to the cancer of skin in a fast progression. The researchers identified many chemicals which are known to cause cancer and the people worked to prohibit these chemicals at all costs. It remain much of known chemicals which are available on the market the cancer of cause of can thus should always pay attention to you by treating any solution.

Symptoms of Dysplastic Nevi

The symptoms of Dysplastic Navi vary by the patient to the patient but some are very easy to identify. If you notice any changes to nevi dysplastic he is the best one to make contact with enemy with a his doctor immediately and to test to do. Dysplastic looks for nevi that it appears different from the others in its body. The uniformity of the injuries is the best sample. If for any reason you doubt ignition of them she does not vacillate to make contact with enemy with a his doctor. Dyplastic verifies the borders of nevi that affect their body.

If they excessively have border irregular outside the norm for then them you you must immediately make contact with enemy with a its doctor. The pain and itching can also happen when nevi dysplastic has given return to the cancer of the skin. This can also happen when nevi dysplastic new appears in the body. Be always safe to say to his doctor who you have nevi dysplastic new and need to be verified. The changes of the color that can happen in nevi dysplastic are a common indicator of the cancer of the skin. Nevi dysplastic will have color already does not uniform but if the colors change drastic then you must look for the medical attention soon.

Treatments - Removal of Several Dysplastic Nevi

The general area on which Dysplastische Navi are spread out stipulates the treatment options available for contagion. Vaakst your doctor will opt for surgery to remove the influenced area. This will depend on the area where dysplastische nevi appear. If the area is then easy accessible the doctor no problem must the removing lesion with a simple insnijding. Surgery is free pain free with only less important inconvenience that in patients prevents after room has diminished.

In most of the cases the doctor put you entirely in place of it will not have under but manages room which numb the influenced area. In cases where dysplastische nevi in an area appear that more dangerous it is then the doctor can consider other therapy fighting the distribution of cancer.

The therapy of radiation is in these cases commonest. The quantity required meetings is small in comparison with other forms of cancer it from a small jet exists the those directly to the lesion at deads warrants is aimed which influence the area.

The studies of Dysplastische Nevi have stipulated an increased risk of melanoma in the next population: patients with 50 or more nevi with one or several atypical wreck and one mole at least 8 mm or larger, and patients with some to a lot of absolutely atypical moles.

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