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How to get rid of Lentigenes


What are solar lentigenes?

Solar usually prevent lentigenes on the face or the back of the hands. They are the bruine spot generally 1 cm or larger in dia meter. These (commonly) called freckles are frequently geërfte disorder. They can be of birth present. They are rapidly observed since they generally prevented on the tree-tame and the neck, freckles of the then the other ordinary. The children who have also places to this suffering look (hypertelorism), prominent ears, broadly partial deafness, and pale brown birthmarks. Solar lentigenes its proof material of excessive sunlight exhibition and found in individuals more than 40 years old, especially if they a long history of in air has working.

Diagnosis of Solar Lentigens :

The physical examination acts as a better mechanism to detect the solar lentigens. It would show the soft obstruction of the valve pulmonic of heart and the obstructive cardiomyopathy. Moreover, of cardio- tests of gram the electro ones and tests of hearing must also be carried out.

Causes of Lentigenes

Sudden and remarkable increase in the cells of pigments, the injuries become highly irregular forms sometimes, or its color could change, or increase in thickness. Lentigenes is mainly benign. The biopsy must be done because the cancer must be eliminated. The size of the injuries varies to divide 0,2 for 2 centimeters. They are flat and they hardly have contour on perceivable; they are dark in color, and they have irregular form.

How are solar lentigenes treated?

There are not many options of the treatment available for lentigens solar. One must as soon as to avoid the sun and to use to they sunscreen whenever it leaves. Destruction with the use of liquid nitrogen; the ablation of the laser and the chemical rind are effective in clearing the injury.

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