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Mycosis Fungoides Symptoms and Picture of mycosis fungoides


What is mycosis fungoides?

The fungoides of the mycosis are a fatal illness of the blood. These are a type of lymphoma (tumors of the blood). It is a rare illness, with approximately 1 new case for 1 million in the United States. The males in its mid to adulthood been slow are affected generally by this. Propensity has one so that lesions occurs in the trunk, thighs, and the chests lowest in the women. In delayed periods of training more of the illness, the dissemination is common. In fungoides of the mycosis lymphoma of the blood remains in the biggest part in the skin. This results in one rash. It is very difficult to determine if somebody will have fungoides of the mycosis, diverse biopsies is required generally on a number of years before the diagnosis can be made. The majority of peoples who have fungoides of the mycosis will have rash on many years.

What are the symptoms of Mycosis Fungoides ?

  1. Mycosis Fungoides has outward visible symptoms.
  2. They appear as rash like patches, plaques or lesions.
  3. The duration of the aliment from its onset to diagnosis can be up to six years.

What can cause Mycosis Fungoides ?

The Mycosis Fungoides causes are unknown. The disease is not contagious and does not seem to have a link to genetic makeup.

Treatment of Mycosis Fungoides

The successful treatment options are as follows:

The treatment is temporarily effective, and can need to be continued by absolutely awhile. There is no treatment for the fungoides of the micosis. His doctor can prescribe the steroid beats or ointments to release itching that can happen, and this one can be the only needed treatment. The steroids are safe to use, if they are put ignition correctly, according to the advisee by their doctor or nurses in the department of the dermatology. The ultraviolet light (PUVA) will often help to control the condition. This implies coming to office two to three times to the week by ten to fifteen minutes. The smooth fungoides of the micosis can be dealt with effectiveness with ointments of the cortisone.

Photochemotherapy or the photopheresis is a technique used in the important medical centers for the treatment of the fungoides of the micosis. X-ray of the micosis Fungoides: if the thickened remiendos happen great, the x-ray can be given them that they use the radiation of the low tension. This method is used to treat individual areas, in resistance to the approach with PUVA - that deals with the whole surface the skin. The mustard of nitrogen, a drug of the chemotherapy, is applied to the skin to the fungoides of the micosis of the control sometimes.

Prognosis of mycosis fungoides

Unlike some other lymphomas, the outlook is generally good. Symptoms can usually be controlled with treatment. However treatment is not 100% curative.

Sezary syndrome and mycosis fungoides.

In the syndrome Sjzary, the skin in all the body reddened, itchy, peeling, and laborious. They can also exist patches, plates, or volumes in the skin. Mycosis fungoides advances no always in the syndrome Sjzary.

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