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Remedies for Myxoids Cysts - Digital Mucous Cysts


What is Myxoid Cysts?

Myxoid Cysts

Myxoid cyst is skin disease. A digital mucous or pseudocyst are also known as Myxoid Cysts. Usually Myxoid Cyst occurs on the fingers near the base of nails of legs or hands. In this disease transparent, rounded bumps which are filled with fluid occurs and these are thick and yellowish in color. It is produced from disintegration in the connective tissue at the last segment of finger. Myxoid cysts cause a rut to form in the nail which is painful. Most likely, this disease occurs more in women than men.

Digital Myxoid Cyst is a type of pseudocyst because it does not have the characteristic capsule like surroundings, contrary to the true cyst. It has many other popular names such as myxoid cyst, a mucous cyst, a digital ganglion cyst, and digital synovial cyst.

What causes Digital Myxoid Cysts?

The Digital Cyst initiates from the progressive degeneration at the connective tissue in Fingers. They generally happen on top of the last segment of any finger. They can happen in two variations, first which has deposits of mucopolysaccharides (mucins) on the skin and second which has extension of finger joint lining.

Types of Myxoid cyst

  1. Proximal nail fold mucous cysts - Due to over production of hyaluranic acid.
  2. Dorsolateral mucous cysts - Related with degenerative alteration of Osteoarthritis

More Causes of Myxoid Cyst

  • Myxoid Cyst is caused due to the abnormal deposits of mucopolysaccharides in the skin.
  • Myxoid cysts are appearing at the location of an old damage and location of rubbing.

Diagnosis for Myxoid Cyst

  • Doctors can check the general location on the fingers and toes and compose an immediate diagnosis of the situation.
  • Many doctors are suggested testing for examples an X-ray, ultrasound, CT scan and MRI for diagnosis of myxoid cysts disease.

Symptoms of Myxoid Cyst

  • Change nail color
  • Depression of nail
  • At the base of nail, transparent, rounded and yellowish bump
  • Soft nodules produced at the bottom of nail.
  • They have soft and shiny surface at the base of nail.

Treatment and Home Remedies for Myxoid Cyst

  • Mostly simple treatment of Myxoid cyst is repeated puncture.
  • Steroid injections are also disappeared Myxoid cyst.
  • Cryosurgery is one of the options of treatment in Myxoid cyst disease.
  • Treatment of Myxoid Cyst may be consisting of making hole with sterile needle that is squeezing out its contents.
  • Myxoid cysts may be removed with liquid nitrogen spray.
  • For reducing volume of cysts, you can use of silicon gel sheet and pressed on the cysts. After this procedure you can apply an antibiotic cream.
  • Plasters, salves are used as home remedy for Myxoid cysts.
  • Local heat soaks, and massage can also used as like treatment in Myxoid Cysts.

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