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How to get rid of Paget's Disease


What is Paget disease?

Frequently in people who are younger than 40 years of age are suffering from this Paget disease. Paget disease is a metabolic bone disease. Origin of Paget disease is unknown. Paget disease consists of unbalanced breakdown of bones and formation of tissue. In this disease growth of bones is changed. Mostly, Paget is affected skull, pelvis and hip and leg's bones. In this disease ordinary process of growth of bones are changed. Shortly, this is frequently deliberate procedure of bone destruction. This disease is distinguished by improved of bone by giant, multinucleated osteoclasts through formation of osteoblasts, woven bone. Paget disease is also called as osteitis deformans.

Types of Paget disease

  • Paget diseases of bone - Chronic disease of skeleton contain Paget disease of bone. This disease is found mostly in older people. Paget disease is affected on any bone of skeleton. Mostly found in skull, Pelvis and hip bone, bone of legs, collar bone. In this disease, growth of bones is larger or weaker than ordinary growth of bones. Bone can easily break out. Because of this disease, other disease can be affected on body such as arthritis or hearing loss. Due to growth of bone created pressure on nerves and therefore muscle weakness is occurred.

  • Paget disease of breast - Paget disease of breast is very different from paget disease of bone. It is one type of cancer. In this disease, change in the skin of the nipple of breast. In Paget disease, surgery is main treatment of this disease.

Causes of Paget disease

  • Usually cause of this disease is unknown.
  • Paget disease is caused by a viral infection in bone cell.
  • Caused by disordered several genes.
  • In Paget disease osteoclasts are more energetic than osteoblastic , that’s way more bone absorption occurs than ordinary condition. When osteoblasts react excessively in making new bone then creates disordered in making of new bone.
  • Paget disease can be caused by genetic disordered.

Symptoms of Paget disease

  • Bone pain
  • Hearing loss
  • Some times, curving on leg or spine
  • Skull enlargement
  • Headache
  • Increased head size
  • Fracture of bone

Diagnosis for Paget disease

  • The diagnosis of Paget disease is normally found by the way of radiographs and laboratory examinations.
  • Generally Paget disease is diagnoses by looking X-Ray.
  • Paget disease can also detected by urine test.
  • For confirm diagnosis of Paget disease taking blood test.
  • For diagnosis of Paget disease Bone scan is taking place.

Treatment of Paget disease

Paget disease can not be prevented but you can prevent problems of this disease by using some medicines;

  • You can use of Bisphosphonates medicine such as EHDP (Etidronate or Didronel), APD Aredia (Pamidronate). Because of this treatment, activity of Paget disease can be reduced. Prescription of this medicine is for 2-6 months. But if you have kidney disease then you can not take Bisphosphonates.
  • You can also take Acetaminophen for short period. It provides relief of pain. But excess Acetaminophen may damage your liver.
  • Unusually you may compulsory needed surgery in case of fracture of bone or surgery for reduced pressure on nerves.
  • For relief pain, you can use of aspirin and ibuprofen.
  • Exercise is playing an important role in treatment of Paget disease.
  • For decrease rigidity of bones and for joint moving, you can do some exercise. With the help of exercise you can maintain your weight and decrease strain on your bones.

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