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How to get rid of Schamberg's Disease - Pigmented Purpuric Eruptions


Schamberg's Disease

Schamberg disease is one type of skin disease. A chronic discoloration of the skin is Schamberg Disease. The people who have sensitive skin they may be suffered from this disease. Schamberg disease is found mostly in men than women of all ages. This is mostly affected to the legs. Schamberg disease slowly spreads all over the body. Schamberg disease is one type of progressive pigmentary dermatosis.This disease occurs at any age. It is chronic disease of skin disorder.

Schamberg disease is often associated with orange or brown colored patched on the skin which gives the impression of deep skin tan. The texture of the affected aread is typically smooth. This disease is very common in males as compared to females. It is caused by leakng blood vessels which may leave blood constituents under the skin causing blood cell breakdown. The iron present in red blood cells is the reason of orangish shade of the rash.

This condition is not life-threatening and it is a cosmetic issue rather than any health effect. There could be some itching in the affected area though. The eruptions of Schamberg can change with time and the patch can fade at some places to recur at another places.

Causes of Schamberg disease

  • Schamberg disease is caused by leaky blood vessel wall. In this disease contains, purplish discoloration of the skin due to blood leaking from vessels.
  • Schamberg disease may be related with a viral infection or allergic reaction.
  • This disease may be caused by many cosmetics.
  • Schamberg’s disease is due to hemosiderin deposition in the skin.

Symptoms of Schamberg disease

  • Discoloration of skin.
  • Irregular patches of orange pigmentation
  • Slightly itching and discomfort
  • Purpuric eruption of pigmentation
  • Sometimes experience of pain.
  • Cayenne pepper spots on the skin
  • Patches of brownish pigmentation.

Lesions commonly occur on the lower limbs. There are few cases reports for genitals discoloration as well. The lesions consist of following characteristics:
- Asymmetrical brown/orange patches.
- Non-blanchable purpura.
- 'cayenne pepper' spots
- Varying Patterns like angular, linear, etc.
- Can show marks as well .

Diagnosis for Schamberg disease

  • Schamberg disease is based on the feedback of a skin biopsy. A skin biopsy is the process of diagnosis of Schamberg disease.
  • In case of children, this disease has been diagnosed who went on to expand cutaneous T cell lymphoma.

Treatment and self care for Schamberg disease

  • Schamberg disease can be controlled by a cortisone cream.
  • Taking Vitamin C is very important for Schamberg disease.
  • Some laser treatment is also used for Schamberg disease.
  • Modern treatment of Schamberg disease is consisting of corticosteroids, vitamin C and Inflammatory agents.
  • In the treatment of this disease, you can use of Autoantibody screen and hepatitis serology treatment.
  • Avoid food with artificial colors and preservatives.
  • Sometimes this disease can be controlled by prescription of steroid creams.
  • One study reported the successful use of aminaphtone, a drug normally used in other venous conditions such as chronic venous congestion of the lower limbs.
  • Advanced fluorescent technology has produced some promising cosmetic results.

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