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Somatoform Disorder NOS Treatment, Causes, Symptoms, Medication

DSM Code -- 300.81

Somatoform Disorder Not Otherwise Specified NOS is used for patients that have symptoms that are suggestive of somatoform disorder but do not meet the specific diagnostic criteria for one of the disorders, have a symptom not covered in one of the disorders, or have not met the 6-month criteria.

Somatoform Disorder Not Otherwise Specified

This residual diagnostic category is used for a wide range of somatoform symptoms that do not meet the criteria for the specific somatoform categories discussed so far or for adjustment disorder with physical complaints.

Facts and Tips about Somatoform Disorder NOS

  • Somatoform Disorder NOS is a residual systematic type, it belongs to somatoform disorder and this disorder does not totally match with standard for recognized model.
  • Addictions of excessive alcohol, emotional and genetic problems are the most common causes of somatoform disorder.
  • Some physical complaints are mysterious.
  • Get deep knowledge about somatic disorders.
  • Consult your doctor regarding this somatoform disorder NOS.

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