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The Road to Recovery from Depression is long, winding and full of surprises. We need help from all our resources such as friends, family, support groups, caregivers, etc. Then there are things which we can do on our own. These resources on self help tips can be the saviour in the time of seclusion. It can lighten the flame when the times are rough. Read through the best of depression tips here.

The key to depression recovery is to draw upon whatever energy and resources you do have. Start with small goals. You may not have much energy, but you probably have enough to take a short walk around the block or pick up the phone to call a loved one. Take your recovery day by day, be patient, and reward yourself for each accomplishment. Baby steps are fine. Put enough of them together and you’ll find yourself well on the way to getting out from under depression’s shadow.

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Depression Boosts Risks for Heart Failure Patients - The negative effects of depression in young people on the health of their hearts may be stronger than previously recognized.      Chocolate may improve mood? - particularly dark chocolate contains neurotransmitters that release endorphins in the brain & your body boost its serotonin levels, in turn helping you improve your mood.
Internet, Computers, and Mental Health - Constant Internet Use Can Breed Mental Disorders. These may still end up being useful services to handle.      Phone Therapy for depression and other disease- Receiving psychotherapy over the phone is showing promise for people with depression, according to new research.
Depression myths and facts- MYTH: Depression isn't really an illness. FACT: The brain is an organ of the body that can get sick just like the heart, liver or kidneys.      Top 10 Gift Ideas for the Depressed - Do you need a gift idea for someone you care about who is depressed? Try one of these gift ideas...

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Sometimes crying or laughing
are the only options left,
and laughing feels better right now.

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