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Health and Wellness is not about being perfect with everything routine like food, sleep or exercise or herbs. Wellness is about balancing those things with your own set of desires. It’s about controlling your spirit as well as your body in harmony. These resources will help you learn that wellness ranges from self management to managing all others with respect to your own self. Learn about different aspects of wellness here.

Taking time out from your hectic lifestyle is the first step to finding well–being and contentment in daily life. Enjoying the affection of a pet, taking a relaxing walk outdoors, volunteering your time, spending time with friends, and laughing out loud are just some of the many things you can do to add enjoyment to your life and boost your well-being. Not only will you gain pleasure from these pursuits but you'll also boost your energy and protect yourself from the damaging effects of stress.

Time Management

Organization: Principles of daily planning, budgeting and analyzing

Stress and Time Management: Tips to reduce stress, boost productivity and reclaim your personal life.

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Home remedy for Headache: Add water to 1 tbsp ginger powder. Heat lightly in a pan. Apply the warm poultice on forehead.

Menopause and headache: It can range from mild to debilitating, sometimes incapacitating women for hours.

Morning headache: Are you suffering from Morning headache, the stress and lack of sleep can be the cause.

Exercise headache: When you exercise, your body need more blood to circulate, which can cause exertional headaches.

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Headache and Migrane

Migraine and pregnancy: Experts believe that migraines during pregnancy may be due to imbalance of brain chemicals. Acupuncture for migraine: Acupuncture helps reduce days with migraines and may have lasting effects.
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How to get rid of different stuffs?

Backaches: Back pain is pain felt in the back that starts from the muscles, bones, joints, etc.

Sleep Apnea: Sleep disorder with abnormal pauses in breathing or instances of low breathing, during sleep.

Hangover: Rest is your best friend at this point to give your body a recover. It is best to stay in bed.

Obesity: Obesity means having too much body fat which is different from overweight.

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How to get rid of things?

How to Get rid of Dads Girlfriend: Don't have knock down cursing fights in front of them. Do not hit or spank them. How to Get rid of Bad Manners: Doesn't this effect your children and you are concerned about how it?
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Sometimes crying or laughing
are the only options left,
and laughing feels better right now.

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