Child and Adolescent

Nick Cornett
Licensed Counselor
In addition to working with clients, I am also a university professor, which has helped me to stay current in the research and training in the field. I primarily teach courses on play therapy and family therapy.

Do you have a child who is defiant, acts impulsively, or struggles to show self-control? Is anxious, withdrawn, or depressed? Struggling socially or in school? Having difficulty adjusting to a stressful life experience? I primarily work with young children (2-10 years old) who are experiencing behavioral, emotional, psychological, and/or relational problems that are interfering with their functioning at home, school, and/or other settings. I believe strongly in the role that parents/caregivers and families have in the lives of their children and like to involve them as much as possible as I work with children.
As a Registered Play Therapist, I have received additional training, experience, and supervision in counseling children. Play therapy provides a developmentally-appropriate approach for counseling children. Kids often struggle to express themselves verbally and may not respond well to traditional counseling methods that are often geared to adults.

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Sarah Matus
Clinical Social Work/Therapist
Do you have a teen or tween that is out of control? A parent that feels like a taxi cab? Being a teenager is tough nowadays. I don’t know one parent who would want to go back to being a teenager! I love partnering with high-risk teens, tweens, and their families who are struggling with drugs & alcohol, hopelessness, feeling socially awkward. Allow me to help reconnect and guide you & your child or teen. This journey is about helping parents, teens, and children to tell their stories, and have healthier, stable relationships. Call me to get back in touch with your child or teen!

I have a strong background in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), focusing on the relationship between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, as well as dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) and use of mindfulness practices. I am nationally certified as a Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapist ( TFCBT) and Multidimensional Family Therapist.
I meet you where you are at. Honest, real change. Resistant teens and children welcome! Office hours are Mondays in South Windsor 5 – 8 PM and in West Hartford Tues – Fri days & evenings by appointment only.

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