Child and Adolescents

Michael Conley
Anxiety and depression can drain your energy and make feeling better seem a distant goal. You may not have always had a meaningful and satisfying life.You can become more effective in your life by identifying your strengths and weaknesses and gaining the skills you need to achieve your goals.Change can be achieved by learning from the past and sometimes through the development of new skills and sometimes through both. Learning how to be more effective in your life involves reducing your distress in proven ways and using your signature strengths to achieve the meaning and happiness you want.

I have seen the toll that anxiety, depression and chronic pain can take on a persons life. In addition, stress not only magnifies medical conditions, it can erode relationships and change them from a source of strength, support and joy to a burden you have to carry.
I am certified in biofeedback and neurofeedback. I have extensive experience with chronic pain, trauma and comorbid medical conditions that have become complicated by psychological issues. As a certified practioner, I have helped many people cope with recent or childhood trauma, PTSD and chronic stress conditions.
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