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  1. i'm not even sure why i cleaned my house. i just got up and did it. i didnt clean it that great. but its better then it was before. and its what i am willing to do for now. its been about half a year or more since i've cleaned the kitchen. and its been a few weeks since i've properly cleaned out the one bowl i eat from. i saw a few dead insects under some dirty food containers. even they cant live in these conditions, lol. my mom said that cleaning your house can help you to feel more organized in general and help with depression. i think it has helped in some small way. things are easier to find and more pleasant to look at. i can also invite company over now. i think a good tip for anyone who is depressed is to tell yourself that you will only spend five minutes cleaning. or even two minutes, and then see what happens. thats how i motivated myself. well, i'll take it one step at a time.