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This will pass, it's only temporary. Depression is a listed mental disorder which includes altered mood; it may occur daily associated with diminished interest or pleasure in most or all of the activities.


Depression is like a tree that has many roots!!

W H A T ' S N E W

Communication Quiz - Do you relate to others assertively, or do you cause unnecessary additional conflict and stress. Check with this quiz - Read More      Ways to Overcome Self-Doubt - The Impostor Phenomenon describes the experience of feeling like a phony, unable to internalize success...Read More
Parental Alienation: A risk factor for depression - The family dynamic in which one parent engages in many of the 17 primary parental alienation strategies... Read More      Complex Relational Trauma - Relational trauma pertains to a “violation of human connection" resulting in attachment injuries...Read More
Anger quiz - I got angry on almost all the things earlier and had tough time. It took me years to identify my Anger as a problem which can be solved. Take this quiz. Read More      Dyslexia TestDyslexia Test - Know about the learning profile of a member of your family or a student using this simple quiz. Read More

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Happy Thanksgiving to our readers. Check out the 3 Challenges which many people face during the Thanksgiving days. Read More here.

Are you Self Aware? - It is one’s ability to find oneself as a separate individual. It's about the thoughts you have about yourself and your presence in this world. Read More

Self Compassion, Bashing Ourselves - A Momemt of Self Compassion can change your entire day. A series of such thoughts can change the course of your whole life. This is the power and beauty of self compassion. Read More

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