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4 year depression

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Hi there I am Adam U and ever since I became depressed I been getting same sex feelings. I have been to other forums but most people say its just normal. but to me its not. I don't want to feel this way. even though my brain is so confused I get feelings that I should only be attracted to the same sex. which causes me to get very depressed . alot of times I don't even want to go to work do to the possibility of being attracted to the same sex. I feel so down.sometimes when i get same sex feelings I just get thinking. I should just kill myself.I am not suicidal person. so I usually just shake my head and it goes away.my brain feels like a confused mess a lot of the times.it feels like I have butterflies flying around in my head and I get very confused.I just don't want to be attracted to the same sex. I m not sure if this is normal with depression. but I sure don't like myself as much as I use to. I just wish and hope there away I can feel like myself again. I been attracted to the opposite sex for about 14 years. and have had know same sex attractions. I just wish what could of triggered my problem im facing. im really depressed over this. and hope someone can help.


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