Kevin A. Root

Kevin A. Root
Kevin A. Root
Clinical Social Work/Therapist
As a psychotherapist who has been in practice for over twenty years, I have learned–without a doubt–about works most effectively in therapy, and how to achieve optimum results.These convictions have grown out of my experience not only as a successful therapist,but also out of many years of training and personal experience in the analytical methods known as Jungian depth-psychology. The Jungian approach begins with an understanding of the human PSYCHE; that is, both the conscious, and, perhaps most importantly, the unconscious mind must be understood.

In addition to presenting problems, a person’s DREAMS matter very much. However,since most people tend to ignore, or do not remember their dreams,there is no expectation that dreams will be included. I can work with or without dreams, but encourage people to remember them for best results.
Today, there is an epidemic of doctors who too readily prescribe medication for psychological problems These medications can be helpful, but too often they are only band-aids. Psychological problems require our deepest psychological understanding, and not only medications that often dull or numb the issues out of awareness.

(203) 302-9473
Kevin A. Root, LCSW
132 East Putnam Avenue
Suite A
Greenwich, Connecticut

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