Cris Calley Jones
Clinical Social Work/Therapist
Everyone faces life challenges sooner or later; either everyday problems, or dealing with issues related to life circumstances or history. For nearing 30 years, I have offered counselling to individuals, couples, and their families. My training (MSW, RSW, PhD) and life experience enables me to be comfortable with a variety of ages, genders, races, cultures, orientations, and life-styles. Within short-term counselling, longer-term therapy, and clinical assessments, my approach is to empower and provide perspective within a comfortable, welcoming space. Clients tell me that they feel at ease in my office, and appreciate my conversational approach.

I have particular skill to work with multihome and blended families. I am trained in Family Mediation related to separation/divorce, parenting plans, custody/access, estrangement, and family reconciliation. I conduct professional assessments and make recommendations for custody/access, as well as children’s views. Assessments are thorough and professional.
Conveniently located near downtown Guelph. Free parking. Daytime and evening appointments.

Guelph, Ontario
N1E 2P7
Eldon Pullman
Thirty years of counselling experience has given me expertise in all areas of counselling. I am concerned for people experiencing individual, relationship, family and anger management concerns. I work with all clients in a safe and confidential environment to help them gain wholeness in their lives.

Some of my specialities are working with clients who are experiencing relationship issues, grief, alcohol and drug, marital conflict, depression and anxiety, financial, separation and divorce issues . As well I do anger management and domestic violence counselling with both men and women.
Fees are based on a sliding scale according to household income. I also do Employee Assistance counselling and working with Victims of crime.

Cornerstone Counselling Service
302 – 1200 Portage Ave
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3G 0T5
Kevin A. Root
Clinical Social Work/Therapist
As a psychotherapist who has been in practice for over twenty years, I have learned–without a doubt–about works most effectively in therapy, and how to achieve optimum results.These convictions have grown out of my experience not only as a successful therapist,but also out of many years of training and personal experience in the analytical methods known as Jungian depth-psychology. The Jungian approach begins with an understanding of the human PSYCHE; that is, both the conscious, and, perhaps most importantly, the unconscious mind must be understood.

In addition to presenting problems, a person’s DREAMS matter very much. However,since most people tend to ignore, or do not remember their dreams,there is no expectation that dreams will be included. I can work with or without dreams, but encourage people to remember them for best results.
Today, there is an epidemic of doctors who too readily prescribe medication for psychological problems These medications can be helpful, but too often they are only band-aids. Psychological problems require our deepest psychological understanding, and not only medications that often dull or numb the issues out of awareness.

(203) 302-9473
Kevin A. Root, LCSW
132 East Putnam Avenue
Suite A
Greenwich, Connecticut
Leah B. Lewis
Phd, MEd, RDT, CCC
If there’s one experience in life that is guaranteed, it’s change. Change comes in many forms; accomplishment, loss, crisis. Sometimes we lead the change in our lives, sometimes we’re forced to follow it – kicking and screaming. I believe that how one negotiates change and transition is connected to our mental health. I believe that we all can engage with where we can make a difference, while riding and negotiating when reality is out of our hands. For me, therapy is a rehearsal ground for this dance of negotiating and locating agency in our lives.

I have a masters in counselling psychology, am a practitioner of play and arts therapies. I’ve worked in mediation with divorcing and transitioning families. I hold a Phd in narrative approaches with chronically ill populations and grief, including HIV. I use experiential technique, paying attention to how change is a mind and body process.
I practice using a combination of talk therapy and experiential/creative arts approaches. My work with children usually includes art making and play.

(866) 585-0433
Lewis Counselling Services
St John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador Canada
A1C 3W6
Leslie Orysh Connor
Finding a good psychologist can be a challenge. While many practitioners may be geographically convenient, you are most likely to benefit from a therapeutic relationship in which there is a good fit between client and therapist and in which the therapist brings knowledge and experience. I have been practicing since 1991 and believe in the ability of each of us to make significant and lasting changes in our lives. I think you will find that I listen well to your needs and bring a complement of skills to address a variety of issues, including anxiety, depression, relationship issues, chronic weight problems, parenting concerns, and procrastination.

I understand that initiating a counseling experience is a big step. You are welcome to call me to discuss your concerns and to decide if I will be a good fit for you. If I cannot help you, I will be happy to assist you in finding someone who will.

(302) 477-0708 ext. 2
Leslie Connor, Ph., LLC
1409 Foulk Road
Suite 204
Wilmington, Delaware
Sandra Marji
Clinical Social Work/Therapist
Are you feeling stuck? Are YOU ready to make CHANGES!!!! YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!!!! As a counsellor and life and health coach, it is an honour to serve you. I specialize in working in the area of child-parent conflict, family violence, separation and divorce, nutrition,self-care/ life balance and helping people determine their life passion and live authentically. I am here to help you build better and authentic relationships with family and friends.

I have a diploma in Child and Youth work and a Bachelors and Masters degree in Social work. I am certified in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and use Solution Focused Therapy and mindfulness in my sessions where needed. I obtained a Diploma in Personal Nutrition and Sports and Fitness nutrition.
I am a woman who is dedicated and driven to support your journey. I am here to help heal unresolved past pain, help build healthy relationships, overcome fears and live a balanced life. I believe each person has strengths and burns for a desire for a joyful life.

647 220 9445
Sandra Marji Counselling and Coaching
Mississauga, Ontario Canada
L4Z 1V9
Victoria Cagan
Clinical Social Work/Therapist
My practice is Mindfulness based. I offer an integrated a developmental wellness perspective using: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Trauma-Focused-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychotherapy, MARI and Mandala drawing, Mindfulness Skills, Guided Imagery and the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music. We will tailor a treatment plan specifically to meet your needs as we work together.

Life can be challenging, whether planned or unexpected. Trauma and loss can sometimes be overwhelming as we learn to navigate those life stressors. Careers and relationships can require attention and children are learning their way in this world. In working with an individual, couple or family, I offer an approach that values your experiences and strengths while supporting you to develop new skills and empower change. Making that first call demonstrates that you are motivated to make a change and that is an act of courage.

(785) 764-6115
4105 West 6th Street
Suite B 12
Lawrence, Kansas