Chronic Pain

Joelle Osowski
I have consulted with and treated many people dealing with injuries that have resulted from motor vehicle accidents and sport injuries. My background in the areas of injury rehabilitation, chronic pain management, and achieving excellence in athletics, forms the base of my counselling/clinical work with clients.

Developing new ways of relating to physical and emotional pain is essential. In the process of cultivating skills that improve functioning and coping, I teach people to engage with and overcome painful thoughts and feelings through awareness techniques to develop self-compassion, cognitive flexibility, and build life-enhancing patterns of behaviour.
I personally have been through the process of dealing with a significant sports injury. I believe that my experience, in conjunction with psychology, affords me a unique perspective and understanding of the underlying pain processes in conjunction with the complex nature of the mind.

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Leah B. Lewis
Phd, MEd, RDT, CCC
If there’s one experience in life that is guaranteed, it’s change. Change comes in many forms; accomplishment, loss, crisis. Sometimes we lead the change in our lives, sometimes we’re forced to follow it – kicking and screaming. I believe that how one negotiates change and transition is connected to our mental health. I believe that we all can engage with where we can make a difference, while riding and negotiating when reality is out of our hands. For me, therapy is a rehearsal ground for this dance of negotiating and locating agency in our lives.

I have a masters in counselling psychology, am a practitioner of play and arts therapies. I’ve worked in mediation with divorcing and transitioning families. I hold a Phd in narrative approaches with chronically ill populations and grief, including HIV. I use experiential technique, paying attention to how change is a mind and body process.
I practice using a combination of talk therapy and experiential/creative arts approaches. My work with children usually includes art making and play.

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Sherri Manko
Clinical Social Work/Therapist
Welcome! Are you looking for new and effective ways to cope with anxiety/worry? Trying to bounce back from a depression or past trauma? I will support you to discover your strengths and help you make the changes you need to get on the road to feeling whole. You are the expert on your situation, meaning YOU hold a solution to the challenges you face. That doesn’t mean it is easy, you might feel so overwhelmed that you can’t see any way to improve or escape your difficult situation. This is where counselling can help.

Considering the first steps towards making lasting changes takes courage, especially if you’re not one to ask for help. It can get easier. I am an experienced counsellor who can help you identify and work through your challenges, allowing you to become a stronger and more confident person.
I am currently accepting new clients and offer both daytime and evening appointments. I also conduct telephone sessions if you live outside the city or have trouble getting to my office regularly. Extended health benefit plans often cover the fees of Registered Social Workers. Connect with me today and take the first step.

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