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Caron Smith
Clinical Social Work/Therapist
Are you hoping to achieve more intimacy and caring in your relationship? Whether you come in by yourself, or as a couple, you can learn the tools of better communication.You can learn how to maintain emotional strength and stability in the midst of open and honest discussion, leading you to the relationship of your deepest desires.

I have been working with couples since 2010, and have received training from the Couples Institute in California. Their Developmental Model helps people open up to their partners in a way that reduces the anxiety of conflict, by working with attachment theory and increasing differentiation skills. Communicate better – love better.
My background has given me the chance to work with a wide variety of people, from inner-city seniors to women seeking reproductive health services. Social justice is the backbone of my practice and I aspire to treat you with the compassion and sensitivity deserved, due to the trust you have put in me.

Smith Counselling
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Colleen Griffin
I am a therapist who works from where people are at, wherever that may be. This involves being non-judgemental, respectful, and providing a safe environment where individuals can work through and explore their personal issues. In the words of the therapist Carl Rogers, it is my hope to instill “unconditional positive self-regard”. When someone enters my office, I try to fully understand, to the best of my ability, that individual’s circumstance so that we can work collaboratively together and meet that person’s goals. Together we explore one’s inner and outer experience.

I often work with people who’s underlying issues are related to anxiety, low self-worth, addiction, and depression. These experiences often can be the result of major life changes, trauma, grief, relationship issues, work stress, or a myriad of other stressors.
I draw from therapeutic tools such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, EMDR (for trauma), Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, and DBT (for overwhelming emotions), as well as the simple tool of listening and working together to unravel the complexity that is each individual’s life story.

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Registered Clinical Counsellor
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Lisa Otterstein
Are you feeling stressed or overwhelmed? Are you feeling that there is a significant difference between your actual life and the life you would like to have? Do you find yourself comparing yourself unfavourably with others? My passion is about helping people to clarify and to successfully carry out their life goals. I will help you to integrate successful strategies into your life that will help you to maintain these changes over the long run. You are welcome to call me at 604-551-0783 for a free phone consultation.

I work with adults and adolescents who are struggling with stress, anxiety, depression, life transitions, post traumatic stress. I use an ecclectic counselling approach, which I fine tune according to each client’s specific clinical needs.
I strive to fully understand my clients’ unique frame of reference, and to help motivate them to make meaningful changes in their lives. I also teach concrete and helpful strategies for stress management, and successful communication.

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Lynda Beveridge
Do you feel stuck in a rut? Stressed by outside commitments or internalized “should dos”? Do you feel unable to action the changes you want in your life? Taking a first step by engaging in counselling can help you not only adjust how you view yourself, others, and your current circumstances, but also – the results of therapy are usually improved functioning and a happier, healthier life. I work primarily with individuals, couples and families utilizing a collaborative, strengths-based approach.

Working together, we will explore the current challenges you are experiencing while finding ways to heal painful experiences from your past that may be impacting your present day functioning. Struggles with self-esteem, identity, depression, anxiety, life transitions, family and intimate relationships can be different. Things can change!
Although this is not an exclusive focus of my work – as a counsellor, parenting facilitator and educator, I do have a depth of understanding related to the specific stressors and challenges experienced by parents, sibling and individuals affected by Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome and ADHD.
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Lynda Beveridge Counselling and Consultation
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Lyne M Piche
I work with people who have sexual difficulties, sexual concerns and relationship struggles. I focus on addressing sexual issues which include sexual dysfunctions, low sexual desire as well as sexual preoccupation (also known as sexual addiction). I work with both individuals and couples. Some people struggle with establishing, maintaining or ending relationships. Others struggle with sexual identity, sexual preferences or sexual orientation. Finally, it may be that general life problems are most problematic. I am dedicated to helping you find solutions to your problems and to help you increase your satisfaction within your life, within your relationships and within yourself.

Some people struggle with sexual functioning (for example, achieving orgasm, erectile difficulties, ejaculation difficulties or pain during intercourse). Others struggle with being preoccupied by sexual thoughts, engage in too much sex, watch too much pornography or engage in risky sexual behaviors. This is sometimes referred to as sexual addiction.
Additional services include Forensic assessment and treatment services. Providing Court-ordered assessments as well as Court-ordered treatment (for example, violence, drug use, alcohol abuse, sex problems). Dr. Lyne Piche is a Registered Psychologist working in Abbotsford, BC. Her services are offered in both French and English.

Atrium Floor, 2151 McCallum Road
Abbotsford, British Columbia
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