Self Esteem

Aneeqa Ishtiaq
Licensed Counselor
I use a secular mindfulness-based approach. I am currently working on my dissertation on using mindfulness in psychotherapy. I also provide mindfulness-training/consultation for individuals/groups. I am a SafeZone ally and would love to work with people with varied philosophy, religion, nationality, gender spectrum, sexuality, and interests.

MINDFULNESS BASED COUNSELING: I am passionate about being a guide and counsel for others as they deepen and clarify their life, and I want to aid in their search for meaning, connection and contentedness. Our lives inevitably have struggles and periods of confusion, and I deeply value the strife and courage towards wholeness and health. I encourage this journey for everyone and will be honored to be a part of yours. My past experience is as a Counselor in Residence and Senior Mental Health Clinician at the Counseling and Psychological Services at the University of Arkansas. See website to schedule.
My expertise is in the areas of mindfulness, self-esteem, introversion concerns, college student concerns, anxiety, depression, trauma, family dynamics, multicultural concerns, pregnancy/postpartum and relational distress. I am passionate about overcoming dull/discontent states of being and becoming a curious and enthusiastic participant in life.

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Mindfulness Based Counseling
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Caron Smith
Clinical Social Work/Therapist
Are you hoping to achieve more intimacy and caring in your relationship? Whether you come in by yourself, or as a couple, you can learn the tools of better communication.You can learn how to maintain emotional strength and stability in the midst of open and honest discussion, leading you to the relationship of your deepest desires.

I have been working with couples since 2010, and have received training from the Couples Institute in California. Their Developmental Model helps people open up to their partners in a way that reduces the anxiety of conflict, by working with attachment theory and increasing differentiation skills. Communicate better – love better.
My background has given me the chance to work with a wide variety of people, from inner-city seniors to women seeking reproductive health services. Social justice is the backbone of my practice and I aspire to treat you with the compassion and sensitivity deserved, due to the trust you have put in me.

Smith Counselling
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Colleen Griffin
I am a therapist who works from where people are at, wherever that may be. This involves being non-judgemental, respectful, and providing a safe environment where individuals can work through and explore their personal issues. In the words of the therapist Carl Rogers, it is my hope to instill “unconditional positive self-regard”. When someone enters my office, I try to fully understand, to the best of my ability, that individual’s circumstance so that we can work collaboratively together and meet that person’s goals. Together we explore one’s inner and outer experience.

I often work with people who’s underlying issues are related to anxiety, low self-worth, addiction, and depression. These experiences often can be the result of major life changes, trauma, grief, relationship issues, work stress, or a myriad of other stressors.
I draw from therapeutic tools such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, EMDR (for trauma), Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, and DBT (for overwhelming emotions), as well as the simple tool of listening and working together to unravel the complexity that is each individual’s life story.

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Registered Clinical Counsellor
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Georgina Cannon
Healing and change is a co-creation. Whether dealing with stress, anger or being stuck in life. I make a safe place for my client to move towards change into understanding, peace and joy. Using a variety of modalities: NLP, hypnosis, regression therapy and coaching we achieve results within a short time. Using athe Third Circle Protocol working with family relationships seeing both parties together and separately – aiming for a successful outcome of understanding and respect. Teens and parents or couples. This protocol has now become a book The Third Circle Protocol (my third book) published by Findhorn Press.

Regression therapy takes you back to the initial sensitive event, in this life, the womb, or a past life. It doesn’t matter where the initial trigger came from – that’s where the memory or emotion came into the body. Also the Third Circle Protocol works developing a respectful loving relationship with self and others..

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Lynda Beveridge
Do you feel stuck in a rut? Stressed by outside commitments or internalized “should dos”? Do you feel unable to action the changes you want in your life? Taking a first step by engaging in counselling can help you not only adjust how you view yourself, others, and your current circumstances, but also – the results of therapy are usually improved functioning and a happier, healthier life. I work primarily with individuals, couples and families utilizing a collaborative, strengths-based approach.

Working together, we will explore the current challenges you are experiencing while finding ways to heal painful experiences from your past that may be impacting your present day functioning. Struggles with self-esteem, identity, depression, anxiety, life transitions, family and intimate relationships can be different. Things can change!
Although this is not an exclusive focus of my work – as a counsellor, parenting facilitator and educator, I do have a depth of understanding related to the specific stressors and challenges experienced by parents, sibling and individuals affected by Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome and ADHD.
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Lynda Beveridge Counselling and Consultation
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Melissa K Brannan
Marriage and Family Therapist

Years in Practice: 7 Years
School: Texas Tech Univeristy
Year Graduated: 2004
License No. and State: M0906003 Arkansas

As an LMFT, my approach is broadened to include how your presenting concerns impact relationships with your spouse, family and friends. This holistically emphasizes the need for change in you and your support systems so you can grow in a context that can adapt and accommodate your needs.
As a licensed minister, I am willing to integrate your faith into your treatment as much or as little as you desire.

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Springdale, Arkansas