Jim Squire
Welcome, I’m a warm, caring and compassionate therapist and I have been helping people create the life they want for over 12 years. I understand that life can be hard and we often feel stuck in negative patterns, anxiety, depression, addictions, unsatisfying relationships or a painful past. I am here to listen to you and find solutions that work for you. None of us can see ourselves or our problems objectively. I can help you gain self-awareness, understanding and the skills to navigate any situation successfully. I offer a free 15 min phone consultation to see if we can work well together.

Are you having trouble coping with depression, anxiety or worried about your drug and alcohol use, is life overwhelming you? Do you have concerns about your relationships with your partner or family. I create a safe space where we can explore issues at your own pace.
I believe my greatest asset is my ability is to empathize with people, enter into their world and help them feel valued and accepted. Research has shown that the right connection with a therapist who understands and accepts you can be a life changing experience

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Joanna Iwona Potkanska
Clinical Social Work/Therapist
Do you need help becoming unstuck in your life, and letting go of the trauma that has prevented you from moving forward and achieving your goals? I can help. I work in the areas of self-esteem, emotional regulation, eating disorders, relationships, work, life and overall satisfaction to help people regain stability and a sense of safety and security in their lives. Whether you are self-harming or experiencing anxiety, depression, panic, unexplainable sadness or disconnection from yourself, my goal is to work with you towards achieving a sense of grounding, healing and hope.

I have over ten years of experience working with Complex PTSD, OCD, BPD, and other mental health issues. I specialize in helping people to redefine trauma, viewing it as incidents fostering beliefs, feelings and ways of being in the world which unless challenged, continue to drive our thoughts, feelings, behaviours.

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Trauma Informed Therapy
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Sandra Marji
Clinical Social Work/Therapist
Are you feeling stuck? Are YOU ready to make CHANGES!!!! YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!!!! As a counsellor and life and health coach, it is an honour to serve you. I specialize in working in the area of child-parent conflict, family violence, separation and divorce, nutrition,self-care/ life balance and helping people determine their life passion and live authentically. I am here to help you build better and authentic relationships with family and friends.

I have a diploma in Child and Youth work and a Bachelors and Masters degree in Social work. I am certified in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and use Solution Focused Therapy and mindfulness in my sessions where needed. I obtained a Diploma in Personal Nutrition and Sports and Fitness nutrition.
I am a woman who is dedicated and driven to support your journey. I am here to help heal unresolved past pain, help build healthy relationships, overcome fears and live a balanced life. I believe each person has strengths and burns for a desire for a joyful life.

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Sandra Marji Counselling and Coaching
Mississauga, Ontario Canada
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Terry Mitchell
PhD, MEd, BFA, CPsych
As a registered psychologist it is my privilege to provide a safe context for women’s exploration, growth, and healing. I welcome you to enter into a counselling dialogue with me. Please email me to set up an initial appointment. (There is currently a 2-3 month waiting list)

The therapeutic relationship is a safe place for you to understand past issues and core beliefs as you gain insight and strength to address current challenges. Whether you prefer a psychodynamic approach or a mindfulness cognitive behavioural treatment (CBT) approach, counselling will assist you in resolving past issues and achieving your personal wellness goals.

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Women’s Healing Resources, Uptown Waterloo
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