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An app to capture your daily mood swings
Keep Track of Your Stress Eveyday


StressNote is an Depression-Guide App for iPhone which delivers excellent features and tools for stress management and relaxation. Whenever. Wherever. Online or offline.

StressNote, offers a quick way to capture all those moments of ill feelings and stress, which you are impacted with, in a given situation and time.

It will help you to find why you were feeling sad, at a particular spot or location, and then to avoid the same in future. 

It will help you to relax and soothe that ill feeling by simple steps.

Check out number of doctor-approved multimedia information and advice from the best in class specialists.

Stress Diary - Get organized for every ill/healthy feeling and good/bad throughts you have. This will help you with the list of important aspects of your well being to ask your doctor.

Manage Stress - Ever thought of controlling your stress levels by sitting at one place and glazing at your Phone? What if you could easily sit back and relax - yes by your phone?
Check this App.

Health Tips - Learn about different tips on healthy and awesome well being. See how your behaviour is changing with your thoughts.

Problem Solver - Check on the best of problem solvers for your mood.

And much more!

Download the DG StressNote App for iPhone:

Download StressNote from AppStore

Stress Diary

Check this out - this stress or tension diary can help you capture your moments of despair, moments of happiness, moments of regrets.

Simply, they can capture all your unforgettable moments.

Keep track of all the thoughts and feelings you experience during your daily life, then successfully analyze them at the time of leisure on what went good and what went bad.

Next time you are bound to be better prepared for the good or bad experiences.

Interesting isn't it.


Choose the healthy mind interests that matter most to you to customize a daily mini-magazine of articles, quizzes, and slideshows.


Quick way to relieve stress and get the relaxation Breather.
Your best tips on your mental well being and health.
Depression Guide on Facebook can be accessed directly from here. See the best from the depression Guide Photo Gallery here.
This is the problem solver - on wide array of issues. Here you can write all your mood related feelings and quickly analyze later.

StressNote App now available for iPhone on the App Store

Download StressNote from AppStore


Sometimes crying or laughing
are the only options left,
and laughing feels better right now.

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