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Parents should learn to recognize childhood depression symptoms. Depression is associated with many difficulties including learning problems, acting out in school, dropping out of school etc. This section has some of the advice for the parents who have depression symptoms in their child.

Advice To Parents of depressed child

  • Spend time with the child, be caring, listen well and be understanding.
  • Take time on a regular basis to help the child enjoy pleasurable activities and recreational interests.
  • Maintain regular or routine physical activity that is appropriate for any existing medical condition. Physical activity can help relieve or manage depression.
  • Maintain a regular and nutritional diet. Avoid meal skipping. A proper diet is a critical source of energy and the child's ability to cope and recover.
  • Maintain a regular sleep cycle. Avoid sleeping or napping during the day if it is difficult to sleep during regular times. Irregular sleep patterns prolong or worsen symptoms of depression.
  • Stay involved and avoid extended isolation from positive activities and influences.
  • Seek advice and consultation as soon as possible from a qualified mental health professional if the symptoms of depression are severe, prolonged, debilitating, unexplained or unusual.
  • Seek consultation regarding alcohol use. Alcohol use by children is never appropriate.
  • Evaluate drug use.  Drugs that are not medically appropriate or approved by your physician can contribute to depression.
  • Learn more about any medications the child is taking. Ask your physician and pharmacist about potential interactions and side-effects.
  • A normal depression is usually temporary, can come and go, but should diminish over time.  Allow the child space and time.
  • Get your spouse involved. This is especially true if you are separated or divorced and you are the custodial parent. Marriage breakups are hard enough on children without one parent keeping the other one out of the loop.

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