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Edition 2

Cover 2 There are constant pressures in the current time which have been leaving us stressed and anxious all the time. Refer to the top picks from the 2nd edition of the magazine:
  • Are you ready to be parent?
  • Simple Exercises for Pregnancy
  • Lifestyle Changes for Skin Diseases
  • Does your Child has ADHD?
  • Tips to overcome sleepless nights with Psoriasis
  • Anti Anxiety workout and exercises
  • Important Vitamins for women

"Know it, before it is too late to control and cure" - Download the second edition, free.

Stop keeping track of your mistakes - It's time for you to forgive yourself.

Edition 1

Cover 1 The issue 1 of Depression Guide magazine includes the following topics of your interest:
  • Infertility and Mental Health
  • Connection of Food and Mood
  • Beating depression Checklist
  • Mental Health Walk Story
  • Men, Sex and Psychology
  • My story of fight with depression
  • Shopping Therapy
  • Food to Avoid in Depression
  • Mental illness in Olympians
Download the first edition, free.

Sometimes crying or laughing
are the only options left,
and laughing feels better right now.

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