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Moderate depression can cause difficulties with job or with everyday chores. More of the symptoms are present than are found in the mild depression form and they are usually more obvious.

In a moderate episode of depression, the central features are low mood, lack of enjoyment, negative thinking and reduced energy, all of which lead to decreased social and occupational functioning.

Often we start to worry about things unnecessarily such as performance at work, even if we are managing to maintain our previous standards, or more sensitive and susceptible to feeling hurt or offended within personal relationships.

What is the Treatment of Moderate Depression?

Again, there are more treatment options available and the time it will take to recover from moderate depression will be less than if it is left untreated and develops into severe depression.

  • Moderate Depression - Therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) can be very effective and some natural therapies may still be helpful, although it is essential that you discuss this with your doctor to ensure you use the most effective treatment option and don't waste time, money and energy on treatments that aren't doing anything.

  • Moderate Depression - Medication

If medication is required, you are likely to be need a lower dose for moderate depression than for severe depression.

  • Moderate Depression - Self Help

Lifestyle improvements always have a positive impact, however can take more effort to actually do as the depression becomes more severe.

Appearance of patient suffering from Moderate Depression

The patient's appearance is characteristic. dress and grooming may be neglected. The facial features are characterized by a turning downwards of the corners of the mouth and by vertical furrowing of the center of the brow. The rate of blinking may be reduced. The shoulders are bent and the head is inclined forward so that the direction of the gaze is downwards. Gestural movements are reduced. It is important to note that some patients maintain a smiling exterior despite deep feelings of depression.

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