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Positive Self Esteem - Benefits and Ways to Achieve


Positive Self Esteem

Self-esteem is all about liking how you are from outside as well as deep inside. It has wide spectrum on how you feel about yourself when you think think alone or you see yourself in mirror alone. It can be a great motivator or denouncer both at the same time and hence called positive self esteem or negative self esteem.

When you start dejecting yourself and think that you should be like someone else is where you change over to low or negative self esteem.

How to boost Positive Self Esteem?

Change your self criticism to positive one. There are many ways in which a person can change his/her negative thoughts to positive. Start focusing on your negative thoughts one at a time and remind youself the positive approached for them regularly can be very impactful for your self esteem.

Read the positive strategies like you should learn how not to apologize or take blame for other's bad mood/behaviour. Stop being your own critic all the time. Sometimes, it is good to make you grounded, but overdoing that will take you to negative self esteem zone, fairly quickly.

Have a motivating goal for yourself and remind yourself of the benefits of the same. Like taking a goal of reducing weight and then following it will make you more energetic and powered to play with your kids more, do more work at office, etc. Think about the benefits of making more money like able to go on vacations with your famiily. You need too put this list of your thoughts and dreams at a place where you can see you everyday.

Find what makes you happy and what is that you like doing the most. If such is the case, you will be always motivated to do that over and over again. You can easily push through any inner resistance you might have in this thing. If you someday lose the motivation of doing something, you are in your non-comfortable zone and you should ask yourself whether you should be doing what you are doing and what is the benefit of doing this. Ask the question and find the answer on your own towards truth. Recite the truth to you.

How Self Esteem is measured?

The self esteem in children, teens and adults in judged by the presence of success in following four areas oof life:

- Social for example peer group, colleagues, friends, social gatherings, etc.
- Competence in one or the other skill area like guitar play, coding techniques, operating procedures, etc.
- Physical appearance in terms of presence, clothing, being attractive, etc.
- Your personality and character for example are you generous, stubborn, sensitive, etc.

Some tips to raise positive self esteem

You should accept your flaws and think that it is part and parcel of being human. You are not perfect but so like others. So forgive yourself for the flaws you have and move/plan ahead.

Do not aim to achieve perfection - at the end it will take you nowhere and you will be dissatisfied. Be realistic to world you are in.

Do not become your own bully by saying I should have done this, I should have performed like this, I would have got this if I was more open, etc.

Things can not always be in your control and they are bound to become out of control by nature. Don't be guilty about not being able to manage the family or manage your office work. Learn to accept the blame and move ahead. Do it positively and feel/act more responsibly.

Sometimes crying or laughing
are the only options left,
and laughing feels better right now.

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