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What is Aspergers Syndrome?


Asperger Syndrome is one of the Autistic Spectrum Disorder and it is at the top of the spectrum with the suffering people having more than average intelligence and less severe Autistic Symptoms. Follow the section below and learn more on how to deal with Asperger Syndrome at School, as a Parent, as peer or as a caregiver.

Asperger syndrome is also known as Asperger's syndrome (AS) and autism spectrum disorder (ASD). People among Asperger syndrome show major problem in social contact and confidential. Stereotyped model of behavior and interests. Belong to a cluster of childhood confusion known as autistic spectrum disorders.

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Asperger Syndrome Medication - There are no medications to treat Asperger's syndrome itself. However, some medications are used to treat specific target symptoms.      Is Asperger Syndrome a Learning Disability -LD and Asperger's (AS) sometimes share characteristics, but they are separate disorders. Those with AS usually have communication and social skills problems.

More on Aspergers Syndrome

There is more treatment for Asperger syndrome and the effectiveness of particular interference is carry by limited data. Doctors group say that Asperger's syndrome with critical conditions that are called autistic spectrum disorders or all encompassing developmental disorders. This disorders every one problem with social skills and communication.

Asperger's syndrome mostly detect in age 4-6 year old children’s and sometimes in adult. Asperger's syndrome is normally thinking to be at the milder end of this spectrum. At the same time as there is no treatment for Asperger's syndrome. If you think your child has the condition is so bad then learns how to interact other productively in social situations.

Why its name is Asperger syndrome?

Scientist Hans Asperger (Austrian pediatrician), first described AS in 1944. He was surveying some child who had problem integrating socially. Even though their brainpower appeared average, the kids lacked in nonverbal communication skills, failed to show understanding with their peers, and were physically clumsy. Children’s way of talking was either rambling or not regular. Hans Asperger researched on Asperger Syndrome and he published Asperger syndrome in German.

After some year an english doctor named Lorna Wing, published a cycle of case studies of kids viewing similar symptoms. She immediately called it as Asperger’s syndrome. Scientist Wing’s writings broadly published and popularized. AS became a dissimilar disease and analysis in 1992. After that it was included in the tenth published edition of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) investigative guide. Asperger syndrome is hidden disease. Hidden disease means you can't tell easily that someone has the condition from their external look.

Causes of Asperger Syndrome

Exact reasons of Asperger syndrome causes are not identified. Scientists only guess it may be multiple causes:

  • Genetics
  • Environment
  • Mental disorders such as depression and bipolar disorder

Problems of Aspergers Syndrome

People with this situation have mainly problem in three areas:

  • Social communication
  • Social interaction
  • Social imagination

Behavior of Asperger Syndrome

  • Problem to speak
  • Patient cannot understand relationship properly
  • Patient cannot feel love properly

Treatment of Asperger Syndrome

 Asperger Syndrome does not cure permanently. But they can learn the challenges to persons with AS and their family members. with the help of learning challenges family member can develop patient’s life. Doctors will always treat these symptoms with a bipolar drug. The doctor must cautiously check the child’s improve.

Types of Asperger Syndrome Therapies

  1. Sensory integration therapy
  2. Physical and occupational therapy
  3. Speech therapy
  4. Cognitive behavioral therapy

Some Facts of Aspergers Syndrome

The Centers for Disease Control known as CDC, stated that improved diagnosis and a broader definition for Aspergers Syndrome (ASD), has led to 1 in 88 children being diagnosed with ASD. Statistically, about half a million Americans with have ASD when they enter adulthood during the next decade.

People who are having ASD and are on the particular segment of the spectrum can show a wide variety of symptoms and behavioral issues. Many of the individuals are high performing or functioning individuals. These people are successful and they can just be said a little bit quirky. On the other hand, there could be people who arfe not even able to start or execute a conversation. They are many a times non-verbal and does not speak with anyone at all.

Many studies and cases done by researchers have concluded that the people suffering from Aspergers Syndrome have enhanced cognitive abilities. Its been seen that people, especially the ones who are high functioning, can strive well in environments which help them to get advantage of their ability of putting "attention to detail" or detail enthusiasts.

Latest news on Aspergers Syndrome

American Psychiatric Association (APA) , who publish the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) of Mental Disorders, has postulated to eliminate Asperger Syndrome as a mental state diagnosis. It is being proposed to submit the ASA under the authoratative rule of autism spectrum disorder. If the APA implements this proposed change in the next version of DSM i.e. DSM V to be released in 2013, people fear that Aspergers will no longer be covered and treated by health insurance or health care systems.

A new technique to treat Asperger Syndrome is Applied Behavior Analysis which is pioneered by Late Dr. Ivar Lovaas of University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

Asperger's Syndrome is way too complex illness and made me go gaga a lot of times. I had trouble in communicating, comprehending language and also talking to my dearest friends. It took the worst part of my life with suffering from this illness and convincing others that this is a illness. Too much for me to handle and take care of.