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Creating Autism Friendly Environments


The people who suffer from ASD i.e. Autism Spectrum Disorders have lot of sensory differences which poses significant effect on the persons regular ability to perform daily actions functions. These sensory difference are hard to understand since they differ from patient to patient. The support programmes are designed to suit the individual need and experience. The the support programme, the environment plays a very vital role in creating a safe and secure environment for the individuals suffering from ASD. For these people to live and work effectively with other people, it is really important to take care of these environmental aspects.

Important Environmental Factors

There are many factors which contribute in creating Autism friendly environment. Few of them are listed below:

  1. How the person and the caregivers adheres to the standard routine and daily life is very crucial for the effective handling of ASD effected people's behaviour. Change in routine has been known to cause great anxiety in people with Autism. A set and predictable routine can make them cool down and be happy.
  2. Have a non-disruptive and silent environment. There should be no arousal of any kind in the proximity of the affected people. This will ensure that they have their physical space which is silent and as per their requirements.
  3. Positive behaviour, having empathetic opinion and attitude for the ASD patients also helps in reducing the stress which the people carry on their minds. There should be consistent habits for them in work, school etc.
  4. All senses are involved while dealing with the environmental factors of having a positive routine for the ASD effected people. There are olfactory, visual, auditory, taste, vestibular, etc. senses which needs to be looked after while creating the Autism friendly environment.
  5. Control the visual part of the environment by using right colours, brightness, size, reflection etc. for all the different furnitures, fixtures, paintings, etc.
  6. Since the ASD individuals looks at things in parts rather than in whole, they have issues in comprehending complex patterns like some hexagonal fountain near the porch can cause the people become anxious.

Autism Friendly Environmental  Flowchart

Physical factors for Autistic Friendly Places

Decorate the rooms keeping in mind serenity, smoothness, calmness, etc. Pick up the soothing wall colors. Use thick carpets and suond proof window glasses, since they minimize the sound related distractions. Arrange the room of the effected person with all the belongings and usable items with labels and proper structure.

Creating Autism Friendly workplaces

1. Have your staff trained for Autism
2. Write labels and sign-posting for seating areas, payments, desks and restrooms.
3. Allow changes in the lighting or music or it's volume upon request.
4. Be punctual on all the things and be accurate.
5. Special queues for Autustic people can help them stay away from long queues and waiting times.

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