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What Ingredients Can Be Used in Homemade Mouthwash?


No alcohol needed

There are many useful materials that can work for helping to get homemade mouthwash ready. The best thing about these ingredients for homemade mouthwash is that they don’t have to involve any alcohol. The big problem with alcohol is that it can be a real irritant that is difficult to handle in most cases.

Baking soda can work

One of the smartest things for homemade mouthwash is baking soda. This works with a great process to help keep the odors in one’s mouth from being too serious. It also works without the harsh taste that some other ingredients can have. A good point about getting baking soda ready is that it can work with some mint oils just as well to create a fresh taste.

Spearmint can be used

Mint oils are effective for homemade mouthwash because they are used to help create some relaxing scents that are easy for anyone to handle without creating anything that might be too bothersome or hard to work with. For example, spearmint can work to help create a good mix. Spearmint oil can be added with water and liquid glycerin to help keep the mouth under control with a good taste that is not irritating.

Rosemary can be boiled

One interesting ingredient for homemade mouthwash is rosemary. It can be boiled with water and mint leaves to create a refreshing scent that works well and can help to keep odors from being easy to detect.

Ginger is also used

Ginger may be added to some homemade mouthwash mixes. Ginger can work as an antibacterial herb and will help to stimulate the body to create more saliva.

Clove oil is the last option

The last choice to use is clove oil. Clove oil may work in a homemade mouthwash to create a scent that works with baking soda while helping to stop aches. It is also a natural antiseptic, thus helping to keep the body under control as well as possible..