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Positive Psychology - Model of well being


Martin Seligman is the founding father of the concept of Positive Psychology. He has written many books on the topic and from one such book called Flourish, he mentioned about his model on well being. It is the combination of five separate elements both from hedonic and eudaimonic well being. These are Positive Emotion, Relationships, Meaning, Accomplishment and Engagement. Here is the brief explanation of each component of Perma Model:

1. Positive Emotions - It is the experience of positive mood and feelings which are uplifting. There are many questionnaire available by which you can test your Positive emotional side of well being.

2. Engagement - It referes to the well-being you get from being totally absorbed in the task at hand. It goes up till a level were you loose track of time and feel completely at one with what you are doing. It is also known as Flow and is measured by asking people to reflect back on their day and record flow experiences.

3. Relationships - Good, caring and supportive interpersonal connections are essential for your well being.

4. Meaning - It is very important to have a stale foundation and sense of purpose/direction in life. Pursuing meaningful activities has been found to be more strongly related to happiness than pursuing pleasurable ones. Self-transcendence, self-actualization, order and well being and caring are others are few of the most important questions you can take for measuring meaning in your life for judging where you are standing on purpose/direction in life.

5. Accomplishment - It includes everything from achievement, success and mastery at the highest level possible to progress towards goals and competence.