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Well Being Wheel


Let us do this exercise for determining how you are doing about your wellbeing in general. Are you thinking about your life in general, which of your day-to-day activities give you pleasure or joy? Which of these are engaging in and which ones are centered on building supportive relations and which activities are meaningful? Are any of these activities giving you a sense of accomplishment and ensure that you feel you have made a difference?

  1. First introspect of the questions listed above?
  2. Once you have formed the snapshot, on a scale of 1-10, rate the pleasure, engagement, positive relationship, meaning and accomplishment in your life. 1 denotes none or very little and 10 being a lot. Mark your scores on a paper under respective heads of pleasure, engagement, positive relationship, meaning and accomplishment.
  3. The purpose here is reflect on how many if the five elements of well being you experience in your daily life. Now reflect on the questions below:
    1. Do you have enough of those well-being elements that are important to you?
    2. Do you have any imbalance like you have simple pleasure but not enough flow in life?
    3. Are you feeling short of more meaningful activities?
    4. If your score is not high, what you can do to increase it?