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Arizona State Retirement System


Arizona State Retirement System is the best retirement system which gives pention fundas after retirement. The Arizona State Retirement System have retirement age in between the 47 to 75. The normal retirement age under the Arizona State Retirement System is 65 years of age. Arizona State Retirement Systems contribution rates are increased because of the improvement in retirement facilities.

Arizona State Retirement System will give 2% of the average monthly salary for the year. Academic profession have monthly retirement benefit at the time of termination. The fund will benefit from utilizing the comprehensive manager database, electronic RFP development, side-by-side manager comparisons.

Benefits of Arizona State Retirement System

There are different types of benefits provided for different age retirement and they are as follows

  • Defined Benefit Plan - It is contingent upon the election of at least 70 percent of ASRS membership to transfer to the new plan.
  • Early Retirement - It is applicable for the members who are having age 50 years. They have retirement credit for at least five years of membership service.
  • Investments of contributions are directed by the plan administrator, not the participant.
  • Survivor Benefits- These are payable upon death whether the member is an active or retired member.
  • Normal retirement -For this have another minimum of five years of credited service.