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Retirement Letter


The retirement letter consist of a series of main points to consider for people that are close to retirement. Planning for retirement is a main point for before retiring in the economy of the world today. Retirement letter consists of to inform for there retirement date.This is very important thing to the retirement person for there future planning for finances and investments.

Points include in the letter are

Retirement letter is formal or informable which is depend on your company relationship. This letter consist of date of retirement, wish thank you for the there happy working in the company and also give wishes for there future planning.

In the retirement letter company head give a few words of encouragement for there future growth and planning. The date of Retirement Letter requests the employee to reply three months before their retirement date.

Sample of Retirement Letter

Name of retiree person
Address of retiree person
City, State, Zip Code of retiree person
Phone Number of retiree person
Email of retiree person

Name of company
Position of retiree person
City, Zip Code

Subject :- For the information of retirement date.

Dear, Mr./Ms Last name
Please accept this as formal notice of my retirement due on March 31.
Thank you for the opportunities for professional and personal development for the company that you have provided me over the years. I understand that upon acceptance of this resignation and retirement by the University, I have entered into a binding agreement with the University to resign from University employment and to retire on the above stated dates. 


Your Signature

Name of retiree person