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Aromatic oils are often thought to be the 'life-force' of the plants in which they are found and their effect on the human body is the basis of aromatherapy. Apart from promoting a state of well-being and harmony, particular oils ahve specific therapeutic properties. Nearly all essential oils tend to be powerful antiseptics, which destroy bacteria and viruses. They promote the holistic ideal by stimulating the immune system, thereby encouraging the body to resist disease, as well as improving the circulating system, relieving pain and reducing fluid retention.

What is Aromatherapy Nebulizer?

Aromatherapy nebulizers are useful and ingenious designs which operate with an almost science like precision. The best way to absorb the properties of a plants oil is through direct inhalation and the Nebulizer is what promises to deliver just that. This device literally "spits" out a barely visible stream of atomized particles from the essential oils of your choice. These particles are so small it appears to resemble smoke when it billows out the chamber and produces and almost humid effect in the room it rests in.

How Aromatherapy Nebulizer work?

Aromatherapy Nebulizers acts as the best possible form of diffusers for aromatherapy. It consist of a system that uses air pressure generated by a compressing unit to vaporize the essential oils. A glass nebulizing bulb serves as a condenser allowing only the finest particles of the essential oil to escape into the air.

The condensed droplets of essential oil flow back down to be nebulized again. This results in the ionization of the oils. This process brakes down the essential oils into their smallest components. It is a standard pump usually housed in a base, resembling a fish aquarium pump. Here the user directly breathes in the dispersed oil and a fragrance will fill the room within seconds!

What are advantages of Aromatherapy Nebulizers?

  • Aromatherapy Nebulizers are safe to leave unattended and some have timed cycles or flow adjusting.
  • Nebulizers have a better coverage and they can fill a much larger area than flame or electric heat diffusers.
  • Since heat is not used, the essential oils are not chemically changed or broken down. This makes nebulizers superb for clinical aromatherapy studies.
  • Aromatherapy Nebulizers are more efficient. A much larger percentage of the essential oil is diffused.
  • The droplets formed are really small. More importantly the high quality of the glass tube design provides smaller droplets, which in turn provides greater absorption of the oils and a longer air borne suspension. This will save money as well.

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