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Blending of Essentail Oil


An essential oil is an aromatic, volatile substance extracted from a single botanical source by distillation or expression. Essential oils stimulates the powerful sense of smell. It is known that odors we smell have a significant impact on how we feel.

Many oils in the market are not as pure or as natural as they are claimed to be. Many contain adulterants to enhance the aroma or to dilute the oil, while other extraction processes leave behind pesticide residue or chemical solvents from the process itself. Aromatherapists stress the importance of purely extracted essential oils for the treatment to be as effective as possiible.

Essential oil Blending Basics

An essential oil blend is prepared for various therapeutic and aesthetic effects.Theprocess of blending is not a Scentists nightmare. No special, knowledge is required to produce a successful blend but a spirit of creativity and knowledge of oils will help, along with a clear sense of the intended purpose of the blend.

The Art of Essential Oil Blending:

Essential oils are highly volatile substances which should be handled, mixed and stored with care and used sparingly. Spillage of one particular oil can overpower a whole room and adversely affect young children and animals.

The power of aromatics is quite subtle. Never try to sniff or smell a pure essential oil straight from a bottle. Place a drop on the side of a glass and become a connosseur: sniff, consider and take notes if you wish.

Mixing of Essential Oil while Blending

Base oils play an important role in carrying and diluting highly concentrated essential oils which are only used in small quantities measured in drops. These base oils dilute the pure essential oils, inhibiting the evaporation rate and since they spread evenly and easily over skin - encouraging quich absorption of the therapeutic oil into the skin.

When mixing, use a glass or aluminium bottle and check that you ahev the correct amount of vegetable carrier oil before adding the recommended drops of essential oil for blending with a dropper for accurate measurements. Mix well and label the bottles clearly.

Storing Essential Oil Blends

  • Dark bottles with stopper caps are used to store essential oils.
  • At home keep them in a cool and dark place, stand them upright and always out of sight and touch of children.
  • Never store essential oils in plastic bottles - both the oil and the bottle will parish. Oils will keep for at least a year if properly stored.

Bottomline for Blending of Essential oils :

Essential oils are the basis for all traditional aromatherapy. Each one has a particular fragrance and properties. Although two essences may have a similar smell or property they may not necessarily mix well together. one essence can overpower the other. In general it is best to use a maximum of three oils in a blend so there is less chance of detracting from their individual qualities.

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Lavender essential oil - Lavendula Officinalis
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