Every night I cry myself to sleep

I have never seen any one about it or been diagnosed but Ive always known there was something wrong… nearly every night I cry myself to sleep thinking how the world would be better off without me.I was an accident coming into this world and it time the accident be fixed… I’m an awful mother,wife, and employee… my 7 year old tells me im mean even though i treat her like a princess… but i sometimes yell because i ask her to do things like clean her room and other basic things over and over with out her doing them until i finally yell about it… and my husband well he is just never happy with me im just too fat too ugly too lazy and my boobs are too big… all i have ever wanted from him was his love but apparently thats the one thing i cant have (did i mention it will be 3 years on thanksgiving since he told me he loves me?)the one thing i was always good at was my job that was the one place i have always fealt confident at but lately it seems even that isnt going so good…back to my husband everyone thinks he is just so great “an outstanding member of the community” some might say…. and everyone thinks he deserves better than me or at least thats what he has told me… never mind the constant screaming he does at me and the major fits over anything and everything. not to mention the non stop jeolusy….. some times i try to decide which would be better to kill my self … or to leave him … we seperated once but he came right back …. not to mention his parents pretty well own this little town so i could pretty much kiss my daughter good by..If i do decide to take my self out i already know how i will do it… either sleeping pills or pull the car in the garage and let it run…. either way its not messy and i just fall asleep and dont wake up. 

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