PMS + IBS =Misery

A PERIOD OF RETREAT – For some women, the beginning of a period can signify not just headaches and cramps but also hourly trips to the loo. Experts believe the hormonal shift that triggers bleeding is probably responsible for the bout of busy bowels.
Before a period, a woman’s body pumps out prostaglandins-hormone like chemicals that make smooth muscles (like those in the uterus) contact. That prostaglandin spike is great for sloughing off uterine tissue, but not so fun when it contracts the intestines and causes symptoms similar to irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). One solution is the pelvic exercises that are typically prescribed for pregnant women. If they does not work, pop an ibuprofen as directed the day before your period (when prostaglandin levels start to peak). The painkiller will help keep levels low- and temper the side effects. Also helpful: Less stress, caffeine, and alcohol, and more healthy food and exercise.

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