Today’s youth experiencing high levels of stress

Today youngster experiencing high level stress. The source of age is diverse in a different age. Twenty-seven street youth and 27 nonrenewable peers were responded to a questionnaire investigating history of running away, depression level, coping strategies, family history and stress. One of the most impotent reason of stress in youngster is extreme use of drugs and alcohol. Adolescents use a sample of 228 which detained in the juvenile justice system, stress and help to independent main effects and as interactive risk factors in relation to depressive symptoms.

The street youth had higher stress levels both before and after leaving home. The emotional stress is higher in girls than the boys. The high prevalence of depression in the youth indicate a need to better understand factors that contribute to depression within susceptible subgroup. The stressful life events are more closely associated with depressive symptom among the boys than the girls.

On the present study the percentage of the stress and depression is more in canadian street youth. Stress and depression were positively correlated for the street youth as compared with non-runaways. The nervousness, depression, anxiety and unhappiness were combined to create a emotional stress scale.

Presence of high and low stress depends on level of sebum. High levels of stress associated with pain and somatic symptoms leading the adolescent to search for health care. The street youth have lot of stress and depression on them due to homeless. In most of the youth stress create due to failure to meet these school and peer act outlook.

In youth generally emotional stress occurs. This emotional stress is of three type that is high, medium and low. The emotional stress is measured with the help of emotional stress scale.

Why high levels of stress occurs in today’s youth?

The stress in youngster occurs in different level of ages. In 13 to 17 year old stress due to academics while in 18 to 24 year old stress due to job and financial matters. Mostly in teenager the stress occurs due to academics and career related problems such as excel in school, perform well in sports activities, keep up with the new latest trends and choose the higher education stream. The different type of stress due to risk of intimidation and damage. Many female have uncomfortable in many public and it also add the level of stress.

The high level of stress occurs in young female due to a series of terrorist activities. Generally young females are more stressed than the male. The reason of high stress is due to mental illness. This stress may damage to the brain of young.The factors like high rates of mobility, contact to alcohol, tobacco and other drug use in families and communities are responsible for increase the level of stress.

The another reason of the high level of stress due to depression in younger. More stressful events and less caregivers also responsible for the depression which leads to the high level of stress in youth. The high level of stress causes to the suicidal behavior.

Generally the all street youth have unsufficient nutrients which causes to the low bone mass. The low bone mass is related with osteoporosis. This is main cause of high level of stress in street youth. High levels of stress can causes to the poor performance which increases levels of stress.

Tips for family that reduce high levels of stress in youth

  • Use the simple recognition note which is powerful way to recognize positive things in younger one.
  • Discuss the everyday task which will be completed by children.
  • A simple smile and sense produces a wave of neurotransmitters in the brain that supports a sense of satisfaction and safety which is most simple way to reduce level of stress.
  • Develop supportive relation with youth.
  • Talk respectfully with youth.
  • Give the facility to make their own choices.

Conclusion – The stress is decreases by understanding the factors which causes the depression. The street youth has higher stress level. The high stress level causes due to mental illness and low bone mass. The study shows that stress can aggravate swelling. Today’s fast life automatically causes the stress on youth.

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