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Antidepressant Effexor xr - Treats Anxiety and Depression for a Long Period of Time


EFFEXOR antidepressant may help you get back to feeling the way you used to-before the symptoms of depression started to interfere with your life.

Doctors prescribe EFFEXOR to help treat depression, generalized anxiety disorder , and social anxiety disorder.

Many patients find that by relieving their symptoms of depression, they feel more like themselves again. They may regain interest in their favorite activities and become more involved with family and friends again.


EFFEXOR  works on both serotonin and norepinephrine -two chemicals in the brain linked to depression. Correcting the imbalance of these two chemicals may help relieve symptoms of depression.

The big thing is that EFFEXOR lasts for a while

Effexor is a medication that is also known as venlafaxine. It is a commonly used medication that works to handle anxiety and depression. It is a popular medication in that it is an extended release medication. This means that the tablet will release its contents over a longer period of time. This can be a beneficial thing to see.

What does it do?

Effexor works to target specific chemicals in the brain. Effexor is used to increase serotonin and norepinephrine production in the brain. These are common chemicals that can cause a person to end up being more likely to have a healthier mental balance. It will help to take a look at this when getting a good life habit going.

The process starts slowly

Effexor can be used as long as it is handled in a gentle way. Effexor will work in that a person will start with a low dosage of Effexor. It will be gradually increased under the suggestion of one’s doctor. The main thing about this is that it can take about six to eight weeks to get the process to be controlled and should be handled.

Some side effects can occur

A number of different side effects can come around with the use of Effexor. It can cause dizziness and drowsiness in most people. It can also cause dry mouth in many people.

A vital concern is that this medication, like many other antidepressants, can cause side effects in children and young adults to be worse. These people can end up being more likely to develop suicidal thoughts if they take this medication. The effects that can be involved will vary by each person and should be considered before taking this medication. It is an important thing to take a look at.

Effexor Antidepressant customer's reviews:

Reviewed by Barbara on 6-02-2004
After living with depression for more than 20 years, I met a new doctor who prescribed EFFEXOR  to treat my depression. Now, with the help of EFFEXOR , I look forward to starting each day and doing the things I used to. After years of coping with clinical depression, EFFEXOR  has given me a sense of mental balance. My doctor says I am now virtually symptom-free from depression.

It won't be an uphill battle forever, and that's important to know, because it's hard to go through life thinking that it's going to be year after year of uphill battle. Thanks to EFFEXOR , I have a new outlook and am proud to say that, as for the second half of my life, I'm really looking forward to it!

Reviewed by Max on June 4, 2005
I am one of 10 million Americans each year who wage a personal fight against clinical depression.

I first became aware of my depression when I was younger. From then on, I fell into a pattern of being either very focused on my acting career or withdrawing into periods of isolated depression.

At the age of 30, my celebrity status soared with my success on Designing Women . I was unprepared for sudden fame and issues of low self-esteem surfaced, leading to further depression from which I was no longer able to hide. Given my public lifestyle, I could no longer manage my depression through isolation, my coping method for years. Only when a friend and fellow actor noticed my struggle and recommended that I see a therapist was I finally able to realize I needed treatment. During this time, the summer hiatus of the show's second year, my depression had become so severe that I was admitted to a hospital to assist me in the recovery process.

By the show's third season, I began taking an antidepressant medication and participating in therapy. Slowly, this treatment regimen helped improve my self-esteem and quell some of my symptoms. I began to identify the things that mattered most to me and to incorporate them into my life. However, I still did not feel fully recovered and I refused to settle for anything less.

In working together to find the right treatment option for me, my psychiatrist decided to switch me to EFFEXOR XR. Soon I noticed a change in myself, as did my family and friends. With this right combination of medication and therapy, I began to emerge from the darkness and rediscover the joys in my life. I regained my passion for work, felt more assertive and confident, and once again enjoyed going out with my husband.

The BottomLine
Effexor has been proven to keep depression from coming back. Over a 52-week period, a large majority of patients in studies did not see their symptoms return. With EFFEXOR, you may have the energy and motivation to do the things you once looked forward to doing, become more involved with family and friends again, feel more like yourself again.

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