Herbal Tonic for Fatigue- Easy and simple remedies to cure Fatigue

Before we come to know about the tonic and treatments for fatigue, let us know what fatigue is? Fatigue is a state or condition where the body is extremely tired and exhausted and demands rest at any cost. It is more or less like lethargy, where the body tends to be weak and the person feels sleepiness all the time.

There are many ways in which fatigue can be developed in the body. Few of the common ways in which fatigue develops is by Over work, Poor and less sleep, overexertion, tension, stress, nervousness etc. Fatigue can also be developed through illness or certain medication that makes the body weak. But the most important reason that causes Fatigue is STRESS.

Tonics for Fatigue Which Can Be Very Helpful In This Condition:

  1. If you are getting less sleep or are not able to sleep or wake up shortly after sleep, then drink warm milk just before going to bed.
  2. If sleep is good, but you are still feeling tired after waking up, include herbal tea in your breakfast. Also include high protein diet in your breakfast and at the same time make sure that you keep the fat level low.
  3. Instead of having coffee, prefer Green tea.
  4. Avoid heavy meals. Go for light and fat free meals.
  5. Drink lemon tea at least two to three times a day.
  6. Do a little bit work out. Instead of having dessert after meals or instead of taking rest after meals, it will be better if one goes for a walk.
  7. Also try and wake up early and do some cardio vascular exercises. Proper circulation can also heal Fatigue to a great extent.