New Hope for Depressed Teens

Depression is illness in which children having sadness, hopelessness. Teenage depression is a bit difficult to handle as compared to depression in adults. Depression problem now a days appear in teens but it does not require any specialized treatment. The behavioral talk therapy is effective alternative to create new hope in depressed teens. On research it is conclude that kids on antidepressants have a higher rate of suicide ideation. Depression is a common problem generally associated with adults but recently it has become a big problem for teenagers as well. Depression symptoms which occur in teenagers and children includes irritability, unhappiness, despair, aggressive, short-tempered, often lack interest in enjoyable activities, aches and pains.

There are two causes of depression

Unresolve grief – It causes due to death, loss of hopes and dreams and loss of relationship.

Emotional detachment – It causes due to fear and inability to connect with others.

Depression take place in teens because they feel very unhappy or sadness and cannot able to concentrate. It is vital to be conscious that up to 24% of teenagers undergo a main depressive illness permanent a few weeks to a few months at a few time. Depression in teenagers is frequently not recognized. You see real difference when you understand your child because in depression they want help and support of parents. Mostly teenage girls has high risk of depression. The depression in adult is differ than teens.

It is very difficult to communicate with teenagers when they feel very low and you cannot avoid or leave them to deal with their difficult situation. Depression in teenage is for a short time than the adults. A combination of cognitive behavior therapy and antidepressant drugs is a good way to ease depressive symptoms.

What are the treatment used for teens depression?

  • When your child is in problem never ignore them, always take it seriously.
  • Give confidence to your child and help them to think positive.
  • The talk therapy is more effective to decrease the depression in teens.
  • If they depressed then help them to find a right way.
  • SSRI medications, psychotherapy help to reduce the depression.
  • If your child is sad them ask several question.
  • For teenagers counseling or psychotherapy treatment. In this treatment talking regarding your thoughts, feelings and your behaviors.
  • Medication is helpful for depression.

Switching medications and adding behavioral talk therapy turned out to be the most effective alternative, although just switching medications also helped many individuals.

One caveat, however, is that there are few really good cognitive behavioral therapists out there, nor is there any way to distinguish clearly among them, Ripperger-Suhler stated. “To do cognitive behavioral therapy effectively you really need someone who is well-trained and there aren’t very many,” she said.

But other types of talk therapy might also be effective, she added.

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