Pal’s Tips For Pumping Up Your Humor Muscles

•Make a list of all the things you find funny about yourself. This can actually end up being a soul-searching exercise. You will open up to things you would normally suppress, hide or pretend don’t exist-say a large snout, a little lisp when you say, the esses. “Seeing yourself the way the world sees you, will ready you for a crack that may come in your direction, so it won’t be a nasty surprise,” says pal.
•Be a bathroom comedian, where you can entertain yourself by joking on yourself. “This will not only give you the confidence to take jokes in the face but also think up a befitting reply without showing that you are hurt or offended.”
•If you are the butt of jokes at home or at the workplace try to find out the reason. “Often the banter may be an overt sign of an underlying problem that needs to be tackled,” says Pal. Like your late coming, or your slow working style, or your wardrobe that needs to be updated.Once you face up to the problem, you may find the solution to it in the jokes, itself.
Lastly, keep in mind that if someone chooses you as a target, it’s a matter of pride. ‘Cause it means, there is something in you that can actually make laugh and that’s a wonderful thing. And when you take things with a pinch of humor, you will actually be appreciated all the more. 

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