Pep up – in an Instant – By Laugh Therapy

LAUGH THERAPY: Feeling sluggish or perhaps a little down in the dumps? We have just the cure for what may be ailing you- something to put a little spring in your step. As a matter of fact, this easy-to-get, no-cost prescription is all around you- its laughter and putting on a happy act. 

Laughter is serious business. It is scientifically proven that humor, laughter and playing happy can have dramatic health benefits. In fact, it is an essential, and often overlooked, part of holistic health.
Endorphins are the morphine within; and the pharmacy is open 24/7.
When you laugh, you breathe deep, sit up straight, and exercise the mind and body. It’s a great work out, and sets the stage for improved communication, creativity and productivity. 

People with a happier chemistry are happier people and, believe it or not, we can manufacture that chemistry from our inner cellular pharmacy. By learning to act as if you are happy, healthy and vital, even when you don’t feel that way, you can change your body’s chemistry and begin to feel the way you act. Here’s how. 

– Stand in front of the mirror and let out a 15-second belly laugh. Not just giggles, an all-out, laugh so hard that your belly shakes. You may feel ridiculous, but do it anyway.
As the saying goes- lead the body and the mind will follow. We can’t always wait until we feel happy. Sometimes we need to laugh, boost our endorphins and then feel happy. Do this three times a day for at least 15 seconds. 

– Maintain a posture that is up, out and forward. If you feel your shoulders hunched forward, your face in a pout and your breathing slow and heavy, try to shake it off literally. Try “j-arming” or jogging in place while moving your arms. Pretend to conduct the music on the radio. The silliness factor alone should be enough to beat the blues, at least for a while. Just as theater performers use techniques for the stage, you can get into the performance for a longer lifetime and act your way into happiness. Eventually it becomes a real habit. 

– Wear or surround yourself with bright colors 

– Turn on some up beat music with a catchy toe-tapping tune 

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