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Winston Churchill and ADHD


It wasn’t thought that way at first

When he was a child the future British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was diagnosed as having numerous speech disorders including a substantial lisp. However, it is highly believed that these might not have been signs of a speech disorder but rather of ADHD.

Tough times getting along

As a child, Churchill had tough times dealing with other students in school. They would constantly make fun of him and in many cases would be turned off by him because of his stubbornness. This caused him to have low self esteem.

He had low self esteem

A common sign of ADHD is that of a lack of self esteem. This is something that can be caused by a person feeling different from others in a negative manner. This is problematic and can cause a person to feel depressed. Churchill was noted for being overly secure of himself because of his low self esteem. The ability to try and protect his ego was something that he struggled to deal with throughout his life.

Lack of interest in school

A lack of interest in one’s studies is another sign of ADHD to see. Churchill was constantly daydreaming and did not focus on many things, particularly things that required a good deal of thought like math. This is a notable sign of ADHD in that a person with this condition will be less likely to be able to focus on more complex topics.

His creativity and ideas soared

However, it is widely known that Churchill was interested in writing and learning about the world around him more than his studies. It is widely believed that he focused more on studying people and how the world works around him than with other things in his childhood. This is believed to be a major influence on his desired to become the future Prime Minister of the country.